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TRON Finally Comes to Lamar, Village and Lake Creek on Friday!

The Game Has Changed: TRON: LEGACY Starts Friday December 17 @Lamar, Lake Creek & Village Advance tickets available here

In 1982, Disney created the mind-altering TRON. A flurry of cutting-edge computer graphics, the original film created a world that we've often returned back to in our dreams. TRON brought videogames into the cinema in a big way, and the world inside the game, THE GRID, is still one of the most iconic CG-realms ever created.

Now, after more than 25 years, we're finally able to return to the world of this beloved cult classic. Technology has certainly improved, as you'll see in the amazing 3D photography. Those weary of sequels need to hold their judgments - in a film so centrally about technology, an update like this can only be good. Add to that the fact that Jeff Bridges revives his role from the original film, and you've got a bona fide smash on your hands.

None of this mentions the absolutely out of control fantastic score by Daft Punk, the greatest robo-techno band on this planet or any other. Lifelong fanatics for the original film, the French bots of Daft Punk have made possibly the best orchestral-electro score in movie history. It's unbelievable.

Get your tickets for TRON now: Opening at Lamar, Lake Creek, and Village this Friday!

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