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Tribute to Michael Jackson tonight at the Ritz

michael-jackson-blogAlamo creative director Henri Mazza has been doing Michael Jackson Sing-Alongs for years now- not out of irony or spite, but from true respect and admiration for an artist many had written off. Henri was even the mastermind behind the record-breaking Thriller Dance where nearly 900 Thriller-trained dancers showed up to smash the previous record, as well as the Dia de Los Muertos Thriller parade. Jackson's music has the power to unite the world in one big beautiful dance party, Henri knows this and the Michael Jackson Sing-Along is proof.

While we mourn the loss of Michael Jackson, a silent vigil doesn't feel quite right for a man so steeped in the extreme. Instead, come join us  at the Alamo to celebrate the life of an American legend.

There are three shows left:

Alamo Village, Saturday, 6/27 10:45

Alamo Ritz, Friday, 7/3 midnight

Alamo Ritz, Saturday, 7/4 midnight

After that, we will be retiring the show until September when we start gearing up to break our own world record Thriller Dance in October.

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