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Transformations - A South Lamar Update

Most visible advancements on the Alamo South Lamar can be seen on the front of the building. But there’s lots going on inside, even a marriage proposal!

Transformations - A South Lamar Update

Taking a look at the banner image above, the first thing that is striking is how much bigger the Alamo South Lamar is. I don’t have exact figures, but just looking at the front of the building it is easily twice as long as it used to be. Of course adding three theaters and a Highball to the mix will do that, but still, it is impressive.

Here’s a closer view of the theater side of the building which has some finishing touches. This may not be what the building ends up looking like, but it is close.

The plaza entrance to the lobby/Highball has had a lot of work done to it as it begins to take on a real shape.

Here is the Highball patio area with a lot of sheet rock waiting to go up.

A view of the lobby/Highball area from just in front of the entrance to the patio.

Work lights are up in all of the various spaces inside. Here is the second theater you pass walking down the hallway towards the original South Lamar theaters.

It looks like a scene out of Dexter, yes, but here is the hallway to the original South Lamar theaters. The building was very wet and there were a lot of fans being used to help dry it out (hence the billowing plastic).

Turning around from the position of that previous shot we can see that connecting to the original South Lamar building has begun.

Directly upstairs from the two previous shots, the image above is what will be the projection booth for the two smaller theaters. The wall on the right will eventually have port holes punched through them.

And here is where the projection booth in the new part of the building will connect with the original. Notice the maroon metal roofing material of the original building.

And there was quite a bit of excitement at the Alamo South Lamar on the evening of November 22nd. In the image above South Lamar Project Manager Daniel Osborne (in the white hard hat) took Screen Crush and blogger Jacob Hall (center in image above), Natalie Bogart (next to Jacob), and some friends on a short tour of the new building. After looking around a bit, and while inside one of the smaller theaters, Jacob got on bended knee and popped the question. When I asked him why he wanted to propose to Natalie at South Lamar he explained that they had met in the lobby there two years ago and that proposing to her just feet from where they met was an “incredible and moving experience.” “And as a writer,” he told me, “I enjoyed the thematic tidiness of moving onto the next stage of our relationship while our favorite theater is undergoing a transformation of its own.”

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