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Tough Guy Cinema: ROBOCOP With Mondo Artist Jay Shaw

Part man. Part machine. All Cop. Tough Guy Cinema kicks off with ROBOCOP at Alamo Drafthouse Littleton on April 8 at 7:00pm.

Tough Guy Cinema: ROBOCOP With Mondo Artist Jay Shaw

“Dead or alive, you’re coming with me.”

When ROBOCOP burst onto the big screen in 1987, the world of action cinema was thoroughly rocked.  No one had ever seen anything like Paul Verhoven’s sharp, bloody thriller, which satirized violent American culture while simultaneously reveling in it.  The film sparked controversy on its release (the violence initially earned an X rating), but it also won widespread critical acclaim, and was nominated for several Academy Awards.   It’s been the focus of academic essays, earned a place in the Criterion Collection.  ROBOCOP is not only one of the coolest action films of all time, it’s also one of the smartest.

ROBOCOP is going to bring the real bang to our Signature Series Week.  On April 8 at 7:00pm,  it’s going to light up our Tough Guy Cinema Series, and we mean that literally, as we’ll be screening the film with live pyrotechnics, timed to go off at the most explosive moments of the film.  It’s one of the most immersive and unforgettable viewing experiences the Drafthouse can produce. 

We’re also excited to announce that Mondo, Drafthouse’s art division company, has commissioned a unique ROBOCOP poster for the event.  Pictured in part above and debuted on Westword, it was created by Littleton artist Jay Shaw, who used his considerable talent and creativity to bring a unique and striking interpretation to an iconic character:

“I've always seen ROBOCOP as a modern Frankenstein (or Prometheus) story. The monster is a reflection of his creator's narcissistic ambition. Like the Frankenstein monster, Robocop is ultimately betrayed by his makers and resigns to punish them. The themes of mad science and corporate inhumanity are represented here by a single bloody teardrop underneath a fractured Omni Consumer Products logo. I decided to utilize Polish language because the style of the piece calls to that of film posters produced in Poland during the mid-twentieth century. "Superglina," the Polish title of the film, translates literally to "Supercop" but can also mean "Violent Force.”

A handful of these limited edition ROBOCOP posters will be available to purchase at the screening for $35, and a small number will be sold on Mondo’s website. (We also recommend following Mondo's Twitter feed to for up-to-the-minute sale information.)  Mondo posters are incredibly popular with cinephiles, and they have been known to sell out in minutes, so this is a rare opportunity for Colorado movie buffs to get in and get one first.  Jay Shaw will be in attendance to discuss his work, and we hope you’ll take the chance to meet a terrific and talented local artist.

Not even ongoing explosions will deter us from offering our full menu of food and drink.  Once you’re seated, simply write down your order on the paper provided, fold it up, pop it into the metal rail, and our servers will brave fire and futuristic Detroit to take your order, and stealthily deliver your sodas, beers, drinks and dinner.  If you’re in a hurry to get to your seat (and who wouldn’t be for Tough Guy Cinema?), you can also order a drink right at the ticket counter, and take it into the theater. Trust us, you'll want to be properly hydrated for all those pyrotechnic effects.

If ROBOCOP, fire, and the Mondo frenzy finds you parched and hungry, you can still stop by The Glass Half Full after the event, and continue eating and drinking off our awesome menu.   Remember, you never need a ticket to visit Glass Half Full, and you can stop by any time to eat, drink, and explore what’s coming up next at the Drafthouse.

Tickets for the Tough Guy Cinema: ROBOCOP on April 8th are on sale now, and with the promise of a new Mondo poster on hand, they will sell out quickly. Don’t hesitate if you want to attend.


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