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Tonight’s Free Weird Wednesday Movie is Unbelievably Sick and Wrong

If you and your loved one have a perverse streak as wide as Mopac, you won't want to miss tonight's Free Weird Wednesday movie.

Director: Jaques Lacerte
Rating: R
Runtime: 95 min.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day! This legendary necrophilia shocker has become an extreme horror classic. French director Lacerte takes a sympathetic view of California blonde Mary Wilcox’s “problem”, as if it were an afterschool special about a teenager who takes too many diet pills or something. In this movie, she’s driven to join a cult of devil-worshipping necrophiliacs by the intolerance of a few bluenoses. And really, why can’t we have more compassion for those who break into mortuaries and hump our recently deceased loved ones? Maybe if we all get together and watch LOVE ME DEADLY we can get over our silly Victorian hangups about sex with corpses! (Lars)

The Alamo Drafthouse Downtown is located at 4th and Colorado.

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