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Tonight’s “Don’t Talk” Adrenaline Rush

Man, tonight I had a weird experience up at the Village.  I went up to watch WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE with my wife (I absolutely loved the movie, by the way).  We came in just as the trailers were starting up and took a seat.  Behind me I noticed all throughout the trailers that there was a group talking fairly loudly.  I made a mental note, this is a group to watch.  It was well past the new "QUIET ZONE" announcement, but I didn't want to raise a flag and report the table until the feature started.  The feature commenced and their loud chatter continued, so I notified my waiter who politely told them to keep their voices down as there was a complaint from a patron.  One request by the waiter and all was quiet for the rest of the film.

Well, apparently the gentleman who was shushed apparently wasn't quietly enjoying the movie, he was stewing in a quietly building rage.  After the film, he complained vigorously to management about getting politely shushed.  The manager-on-duty  let him know that is was the owner (me) who had registered the complaint.  Apparently this made him even more crazy.  Crazy enough to chase after me in the parking lot with rage eyes, rant and punch my windshield.  He swore to never again visit the Alamo.


You sir are exactly the type of patron that I never want to see at an Alamo Drafthouse ever again.  People who continue to talk  when the movie has started are impolite, self-absorbed losers who were never taught common decency by their parents.  WE DON'T EVER WANT YOU AT THE ALAMO.  Please take your business elsewhere for the rest of your life.

If someone, a member of the Alamo staff or another patron, asks you to please be quiet during any film, please do so, and do so contritely.  Remember, the Alamo is not your living room, there are other people around you that don't want to hear your conversation.

Also, don't let this anecdote scare you.  If you raise a flag to alert an Alamo waiter to a problem talker, it looks just like he or she is taking your order.  It's a totally anonymous system unless you happen to own the place.  To our friendly customers, stay vigilant, report talkers and keep our theater safe from the raging hemorrhoids of cinematic society.

Tim League
Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

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