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Tickets for Mainstreet Theater ONLINE NOW!

Online ticketing is up, MAGIC MIKE hits this weekend and DARK KNIGHT RISES goes on sale Monday! PARTY!

Tickets for Mainstreet Theater ONLINE NOW!

Hey folks! First - thanks to all who came out last night for our "test run!" Our staff handled everything like the pros they are, and it really helps to have a bit of a trial run before the real deal. We're going to be doing that one more time tonight (same scenario - showtimes starting at 7pm, no 10 o'clock round) and then we're opening for real Friday!

Speaking of Friday, we're getting some pretty solid titles. Based on our Facebook feed, you guys are excited to see Magic Mike, and through the power of technology, you can now buy your tickets to that, Ted and People Like Us online now!

A little bit about our online ticketing. You'll notice that there are two different titles for each film. If it just says MAGIC MIKE, those tickets are going to put you in one of the theaters downstairs. We're calling those "Traditional Theaters," meaning you buy your ticket, buy concessions in the lobby, and take the seat you reserved either online, or in the box office.

If it says MAGIC MIKE: Dine-In Theater, those are the theaters upstairs with plush recliners and wait service at your seat. We have a full food menu along with beers, cocktails, wine and more. There is a slight upcharge to these theaters, but it is well worth it.

For information on admission prices and policies, check out our website here.

For showtimes and ticket purchasing, go to our main page at

And just a heads up, we ARE working on getting Fandango up and running with our site, so that should be happening soon.

BONUS NOTE! We're going to put Dark Knight Rises midnight tickets on sale MONDAY, July 2nd! Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the actual on sale announcement. We're also getting the DKR marathon (Batman Begins and The Dark Knight leading up to the midnight premiere of DKR) so get ready for that bad boy too. Tickets for the marathon will be $25 for the theaters downstairs, $30 for the Dine-In Theaters. It is going to be so much fun!


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