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This Week Is Totally Action Packed

If you haven't been following any of our Twitter updates today, you may have missed the notice that we've put together a new banner for all of our Sing-Along, Quote-Along, and general Interactive shows. From now on, those shows are all being produced by The Action Pack (which is the same group that made the shows before, but now you don't have to call us Henri, Caitlin, and Greg). We're still working on putting together a full on website of Action Packed goodness, but if you start following us on Twitter (@theactionpack), you'll automatically be entered in a chance for free tickets to this week's Monster Rock Sing-Along.

We'll be giving those tickets away tomorrow morning, but let's talk about this week more, shall we? Because, yeah, we've got the MONSTER ROCK SING-ALONG Thursday night at the Ritz. That was already one of my favorite shows of the year when we debuted it early in the summer of 2008. But last time we did this show we were missing one VERY important element: Dee Snider. We don't have Dee Snider live in person for this show or anything (yet!), but I do have 35% of my Dee Snider outfit on my desk now, and the rest should be arriving later this afternoon.

And if it doesn't get here in time for this week (Ebay stores can be pesky creatures sometimes), then at least I can wear some supertight snakeskin leggings to go with Caitlin's animal prints, and then I won't have to wear sleeves...

BUT DON'T LET US BE THE ONLY ONES DRESSED UP! Get your metal on, people! We've got Twisted Sister, Guns N' Roses, AC/DC, Scorpions, Skid Row, and soooo many other sleeveless rockers with huge hair on screen. I wanna see how many we can get piled into the theater before we break some sort of unknown Too Much Awesomeness code that the City of Austin tacked on to the bill that brought us the fancy new parking meters...

MONSTER ROCK, of course, is just the beginning. At the exact same time that Caitlin and I are wailing on inflatable guitars downtown at the Ritz, Greg will be up at the Village with two kegs in the theater, beer bongs in hand, and getting set to take off his clothes and go streaking. Yup, it's week 2 of the OLD SCHOOL QUOTE-ALONG KEG PARTY at the Village, and after co-hosting that show with Greg last week I can say that it's THE most fun I've had at the Village in a really long time (and I've seen a lot of 3D movies there, so that's saying something).

And to the actual frat guys who are coming out to the show and hoping to steal one of the beer bongs - I totally caught your brothers last week! Greg will stop you! And he'll be naked and streaking, so it'll be really gross!

But wait, there's more! Ooooohhhhhh is there ever more...

This Sunday night, we're launching a brand new concept in this world of The Action Pack: it marks the debut of INVISIBLE CHILD, the most ridiculous Lifetime Original Movie of all time, presented in HeckleVision. We're working up the tech this afternoon so that you'll be able to text from your seat, and then your written heckles will appear up on the screen, right over the movie.

Don't worry, though, we won't be totally covering the screen, so everyone who wants to enjoy the absurdity of a movie where an entire family decides to go along with the mother's completely insane delusion that she has three children instead of two can still see the whole picture. Instead of ruining that miracle of a plot, the HeckleVision is off in the corner, enhancing the experience, letting us all communicate and make snarky comments, then scrolling off again as a new comment replaces it.

Think VH-1's classic Pop Up Video, but with crowdsourcing. Actually, don't just think about it all - WATCH THIS TRAILER! Words can't do INVISIBLE CHILD justice at all. This trailer just barely starts to:

Personally, I always love it when we try some new goofy shit like this, and I always love it when I have an excuse to watch Invisible Child on the big screen with an audience. so Sunday night at 10pm at the Ritz is going to be my favorite part of the entire weekend.

Advance tickets to all of these Action Packed Shows are available now. Follow a link to go directly to the showpage, and we'll see you at the theater!

MONSTER ROCK SING-ALONG, Thursday, Sept 10 & 17 at the Alamo Ritz

OLD SCHOOL QUOTE-ALONG, Thursday, Sept 10 & 17 at the Alamo Village

INVISIBLE CHILD in HECKLEVISION, Sunday, Sept 13 at the Alamo Ritz

And don't forget to get all up on us on Twitter!

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