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THIS WEEK AT THE ALAMO: The Alamo Guide for Sept 5!

We generally don't like to get all political here, because TEAM AMERICA's skewering of entertainment types thinking they should butt in and try to change the world is too perfect. But without delving into the whole sexism versus racism thing that the pundits are turning this year's presidential race into, we do have one issue that we've been supporting - the movement to Stop the Domain Subsidies. This is a local issue, and one that people on both sides of our city's aisle can look at objectively, so that's all we're going to ask you to do. Check out the video and information available at, and whatever you decide is best for the version of the city you want to live in, vote for it one way or another this fall. Okay, enough soap boxing. Let's get to the fun!


- Big Screen Sci-Fi Classics: TRON -

: Alamo Ritz : Sept 8, 9 & 11

Attention all Users! Follow us back to a beautiful page in history, before computer games required a two-week vacation from work and digitally-generated special effects were the new star of Hollywood. When the visual magic of TRON hit the screen in 1982, every jaw in the world hit the theater floors. And for our money, CGI hasn't been this good since.

- Fantastic Fest and aGLIFF present ROOM OF DEATH -

: Alamo Ritz : Mon, Sept 8 :

"I saw ROOM OF DEATH at the Berlin Film Market and REALLY liked it. Strange, tense, gruesome, occasionally funny and containing a sexually-charged lesbian taxidermy plot thread, ROOM OF DEATH was PERFECT for Fantastic Fest. The timing just didn't work out, however, so we opted for the next best thing. We have partnered with our pals at the Austin Gay and Lesbian Film Festival to bring the film to Austin early." - Tim League


: Alamo Ritz : Sept 9 & 10

Easily at the peak of relentless kung fu cinematic intensity, DRUNKEN MASTER is considered by many action enthusiasts to be the shining star of the kickin'-and-punchin' genres, and with good reason. Whether he's doing a triple flip onto actual flaming coals or wobbling into battle against an entire army, Jackie is 200-proof and 100% UNSTOPPABLE! So raise a drink to the Drunken Master at this boozed-up black-belt battlethon!!

- The BILLY MADISON Back-To-School Quote-Along -
: Alamo Ritz : Weds, Sept 10 :

It may be too damned hot for a penguin to just be walking around, but as long as it's soooooo hot, we'll want to touch the heiny, and then everything will be good. We'll have Snack Packs for everyone, a special Nudey Magazine Day game before the movie, and tons of subtitled lines from this golden gem of Sandler's past.

- The DISCO INFERNO Sing-Along -
: Alamo Ritz :Thurs, Sept 11 :

We've collected all the best videos and live performances of disco superstars from the true era of excess, then mixed them up with the dance jams of the '80s and '90s and just a taste of the '00s as well, so this evening will be a little bit like a history lesson, tracing the samples from songs in Jiggy Crunk back to their original source, then seeing how they inspired dances later. But it's a history lesson fueled by singing and dancing and drinking, so it's not like that other school stuff AT ALL. It's just old school.

Plus! Winners of our costume and dance contest will receive tickets to this year's Fun Fun Fun fest!


- Free Outdoor Screening : MAD MAX -

: Alamo South Lamar Parking Lot : Fri, Sept 12 :

Not content to just earn the title of Most Important Action Film in Australian History, MAD MAX is flat-out responsible for kick-starting an entire unstoppable genre of pedal-to-the-metal mayhem! Following its release, celluloid documentations of a near-future world gone wild have appeared in countless languages, starring hundreds of international actors and cluttering video shelves with gasoline-hungry sunburnt desert warriors.

- Master Pancake Theater mocks JURASSIC PARK -
: Alamo South Lamar : Sat, Sept 6 :

Just in time for the end of summer, Master Pancake mocks everyone's favorite Spielberg dinosaur movie: JURASSIC PARK. OK, let's be honest: we know we're supposed to be mocking BAD movies and JURASSIC PARK is mostly pretty GOOD, but we've discovered that when people are really scared it makes them laugh harder at our jokes.

- AFS presents: YELLA -
: Alamo South Lamar : Tues, Sept 9 :

Narrowly escaping her volatile ex-husband, Yella flees her small hometown in former East Germany for a new life in the West. She finds a promising job with Philipp, a handsome business executive with whom an unlikely romance soon blossoms. But just as Yella seems poised to realize her dreams, she finds herself haunted by buried truths that threaten to destroy her newfound happiness.


: Alamo Village : Opens Fri :

The life of an anonymous assassin takes an unexpected turn when he travels to Thailand to complete a series of contract killings. Joe (Nicolas Cage), a remorseless hitman, is in Bangkok to execute four enemies of ruthless crime boss Surat. Directors Oxide and Danny Pang (THE EYE) paint an explosive picture of the Bangkok underworld, illuminated with neon and saturated in violence. Based on the Pang Brothers' wildly popular Hong Kong action film of the same name.

: Alamo Village : Mon, Sept 1 :

OMG. Last week's episode was everything we could have hoped for in a season premiere. I won't give anything away in case you're behind on your DVR watching, but we WILL be starting this week's show with an encore presentation of that episode, then moving straight into the new ep for this Monday. Seating is free, but you can reserve your space by purchasing a $5 food and beverage card online. You know you love me. xoxo.


Our weekly summer series of family-friendly free matinees has come to a close as the school system tries to pretend that it's actually autumn outside, but we've still got all sorts of great children's programming in the coming months. To ensure that your family doesn't miss out on any of it, join our Facebook community devoted to the Alamo Kids Club. We'll send you updates on upcoming programming, listen to suggestions for things we might not have thought of, and more. Don't worry if you've never used Facebook before, either; your kids can bring you up to speed.

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