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THIS WEEK AT THE ALAMO: The Alamo Guide for Nov 28!

It's Thanksgiving week, meaning the holidays are actually here now, in all their actualness. But even more exciting - the new holiday menus are in at all of our theaters! We've got turkey burgers, fried brie, samosas, and apple pecan turnovers on the holiday special menu, but it doesn't stop there. The innovations keep on going on the inside of the menu, too, with the return of this summer's batwings as well as brand new fried pork chops. And... Christmas beers are in! Oh, and of course we've got all sorts of Thanksgiving menu specials this Thursday, too, including complete turkey dinners at all of our theaters. In other words - don't fill up with your family meal, because that's sooooo just the beginning.


: Alamo Ritz : Fri, Nov 28 & Thurs, Dec 4:

The old school rap was great, and the realism of Common and Mos Def can't be appreciated enough, but god damn it, the pop rap of the 1990s was just so incredibly catchy. It feels bad to admit how much we love it, but it feels good to go with it. So grow your facial hair out, then shave it to ridiculously thin lines, because there's a good chance Color Me Badd will make an experience. And grow your dreadlocks out, then give them to someone else and let them pretend to be you, because I've been WAITING for a show to include Milli Vanilli in!

: Alamo Ritz : Fri, Nov 28 :

This hilarious and all-too-real music documentary follows MC Frontalot - the "Godfather of Nerdcore" - on his first national tour to reveal the roots of the genre, the dorky complexities of its artists, and one MC's fight for nerd stardom. Featuring Weird Al Yankovic, Prince Paul, Jello Biafra, Tycho & Gabe, Brian Posehn, MC Frontalot, MC Chris, MC Lars and a slew of other nerdcore artists and commentators. The mighty MC FRONTALOT himself (who'll be performing downtown after this screening) will be in attendance as well as the woman behind this historical document: Negin Farsad.

- Master Pancake Theatre CHRISTMAS SHOW -
: Alamo Ritz : Sat, Nov 29 :

After a 2-year absence, it's the return of the famous Alamo Christmas Clip Show featuring Master Pancake Theater! Join us as we channel surf A.D.D.-style through a blizzard of clips from your favorite holiday TV specials and some weird holiday programs you never dreamed existed. Owen Egerton returns to team up with regulars John Erler and Joe Parsons for all the fun. We'll also have an audience sing-along, some holiday snacks, and who knows, maybe even a little pudding and butter! Come join us at the Alamo this December as THE HOLIDAYS GET SLEIGHED!!

- Rudy Ray Moore Tributes: THE HUMAN TORNADO & DOLEMITE! -
: Alamo Ritz : HUMAN TORNADO - Tues, Dec 2 : DOLEMITE! - Wed, Dec 3 :

We'll have forties of Schlitz Malt Liquor available for this very special screening. No bull! The great Rudy Ray Moore, nightclub comedian extraoridinaire, Godfather Of Rap and a friend of the Alamo, has died. We were sad for a while and now we're ready to celebrate his life and work. Rudy Ray Moore's films are cheap, quickly made and technically disastrous. But they have something that Hollywood can't buy - they are really, really funny. Be sure to catch both HUMAN TORNADO and DOLEMITE! this week!

: Alamo Ritz : Wed, Dec 3 :

Easily the most pulse-pounding film ever made about sewer-dwelling mutants, TMNT wowed kids of all nations. But it also taught them a very important lesson; to respect nature's perfect food: PIZZA!! So, in true radical ninja party fashion, the Alamo Drafthouse is pleased to present ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT PIZZA for this screening! So bring your little dudes, do a flying roundhouse into your seats and chow down! COWABUNGA!!!

: Alamo Ritz : Thurs, Dec 4 :

Come on people - do I really need to say anything more than that to convince you that this LABYRINTH SING & QUOTE-ALONG is not to be missed, no matter what the goblins tell you that they're going to do to your little brother? David Bowie, Jim Henson, and Jennifer Connely created an unsurpassed work of young adult cinema in the 1980s, and somehow it's never been properly celebrated until now. We'll have props for the crowd and a wig and tight pants for the host. If you miss this show, you most definitely have no power over me. YOU HAVE NO POWER OVER ME!


: Alamo South Lamar : Thurs, Nov 27 :

We always do a little something special for Thanksgiving at the Alamo, but usually, that little something special means we have to miss the big game. Well, not this year, because Thanksgiving at the Alamo and UT Football are one in the same! We've got a giant inflatable screen and we're going to set it up outdoors at the Alamo South Lamar, roll out some kegs of beer and set 'em down next to a truckload of Thanksgiving delights, sit back and cheer. God, it's a beautiful country.

- Kids' Club: THE LABYRINTH -
: Alamo South Lamar : Sat, Nov 29 :

All right, so we play a whole lot of Jim Henson stuff at the Kids Club. But it's not our just so happens that he was responsible for 99.9% of the magic in the 20th century. And one of his most ambitious and most sorcerocious adventures was the David Bowie-infused otherworldly epic LABYRINTH! This film was made when '80s lunacy was at its peak, and through the miracle of real special effects (none of that computer business here, buster!), Henson managed to create something truly bizarre and deeply exciting.

- BOLT -
: Alamo South Lamar : Now Playing :

Kids age 3 and up will be allowed at all screenings of this show. For super-dog BOLT, every day is filled with adventure, danger and intrigue - at least until the cameras stop rolling. When the star of a hit TV show is accidentally shipped from his Hollywood soundstage to New York City, he begins his biggest adventure yet, a cross-country journey through the real world to get back to his owner and co-star, Penny.

: Alamo South Lamar : Now Playing :

After seven years since MOULIN ROUGE! body-slammed our eyes and ears into delightful submission, Aussie auteur Baz Luhrmann is back with another epic love story bound with his own brand of unrestrained style. Set in northern Australia before World War II, an English aristocrat (Kidman) who inherits a sprawling ranch reluctantly pacts with a cattle driver (Jackman) in order to protect her new property from a takeover plot.


: Alamo Village : Thurs, Nov 27, ALL VILLAGE SCREENINGS! :

Not everybody makes a pilgrimage back to Paducah to have Turkey Day, but it's a lot of work to make Thanksgiving dinner. So this year leave the cooking to us. Our award winning chefs will be making turkey and stuffing with cranberries and the whole nine yards. Plus the portions will be huge, big enough to take home leftovers! Get tickets for TWILIGHT, FOUR CHRISTMASES, MADAGASCAR 2 or QUANTUM OF SOLACE and enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner without all that family BS!

: Alamo Village : Now Playing :

Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn pair up for this Christmas comedy about a couple who has to visit four different sets of parents as a result of divorce. Trying to leave town like they do every year for the holidays, they're busted when they wind up on a local news report at the airport about all the flights, including theirs, were canceled. The premise, we'll admit, isn't mindblowing, but this is: THIS WAS MADE BY THE GUY WHO MADE KING OF KONG: FISTFUL OF QUARTERS!!!!!

- TV at the Alamo: GOSSIP GIRL -
: Alamo Village : Mon, Dec 1:

OMG you guys did you SEE the promo for this weeks Gossip Girl?! Everyone's dancin' and Blair and Chuck are all flirty and that annoying Aaron guy is still around! Oh, and SOMEONE IS IN AN ACCIDENT!! I don't know who it is but this is the stuff good tv is made of, people! Lots and lots of ridiculous drama! Please please please let Aaron die soon!

- TV at the Alamo: HEROES -

: Alamo Village : Mon, Dec 1 :

Hiro has gone back in time, and then Papa P made him think he was all young again. Then there was an eclipse, and everything got... well, we're going to show that episode again this week, so we don't want to spoil anything. Let's just say... it's coming!

- TV at the Alamo: THE OFFICE & 30 ROCK -
: Alamo Village : Thurs, Dec 4 :

The Office and 30 Rock are keeping Thursday nights very exciting lately. Sure they both took a week off for Thanksgiving, but Steve Martin was on 30 Rock last week! And he had a crush on Liz! And Jim bought Pam a house! And it was really cute! I love these shows, so you should come out to the Village and watch them with me.

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