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THIS WEEK AT THE ALAMO: The Alamo Guide for June 20

I know it's getting redundant, and I'm sorry. But can I just say *one* more time how much I completely love summer in Austin? You can spend the entire day swimming and lounging by water (hopefully in the shade), then come out to the best movie theater in the world for an evening of incredible entertainment, then spend the latenight lounging in one of sooo many pubs and bars and homes of drink specials talking about everything you saw. And with this week's line up, there will be plenty to talk about.


- BRAD NEELY Live In Person -

: Alamo Ritz : June 19, 23 & 26 :

Back in 2001, Brad Neely became a local celebrity when the Daily Texan began running his self-published "Creased Comics" without realizing he was never actually a student. His irreverent, crudely drawn single-panel gems were always good for a quick mindgasm, but it wasn't until he put his pen to internet-based animated cartoons that Neely would attract the whole nation to his charmingly disfigured approach. Everybody sing it with me, "Washington, Washington. Six Foot Twenty, Fucking Killing For Fun..."

: Alamo Ritz : Fri & Sat, June 20 & 21 :

The name's Pancake. Master Pancake. This June, in honor of the Alamo's newly acquired liquor license, Master Pancake Theater devalues GOLDFINGER (1964), the movie that made "Shaken, not Stirred" a household phrase and single-handedly popularized vodka martinis in the United States for years to come.

- the MONSTER ROCK Sing-Along -
: Alamo Ritz : Thursdays, June 19 & 26 :

I've said it before, and I'll say it again - this show will DESTROY YOUR FACE. Consider it the sequel to our annual LOVE BITES Power Ballad Sing-Along; the MONSTER ROCK Sing-Along has several of those same rockers, but this time their amps are plugged in. Plus, we've added bands that never got pussy enough to sing a ballad and couldn't help rocking out ALL THE TIME. Expect a lot of explosions, girls in bikinis, and men wearing three inches of make up under their rocking perms.

- THE BIG LEBOWSKI with White Russians -

: Alamo Ritz : June 24 & 25 :

The Coen Brothers have described THE BIG LEBOWSKI as their Raymond Chandler story, and it contains all the trappings of the author's hardboiled mystery novels, including the alcohol. Secondly, as a bowling-themed comedy, liquor is a given. Finally and most importantly, THE BIG LEBOWSKI is the ultimate movie for White Russian fans. The Dude fuels his detective work with numerous helpings the sweet drink, which he often refers to as "Caucasians." As long as there is 'half and half' dripping from his mustache, the Dude abides."

: Alamo Ritz : Sun, June 22 :

Heh. It's been awhile since we've done the LADIES OF THE 80s show, but when Cynthia Widner with Girls Rock Camp Austin asked us to do a special one night only show to help them raise some money and awareness for their excellent source of grooming the Ladies of the 2010's music, we were only too happy to help out. The show is super fun, and the cause is super good. And if 99 red balloons happen to fly by, we promise not to start World War III.

- the WAYNE'S WORLD Quote-Along -
: Alamo Ritz : Sun, June 22 :

You will definitely end up feeling kind of funny, like when you used to climb the rope in gym class. Schwing! We're not worthy! Word on the street is that we'll even have some official Wayne's World hats for lucky audience members at the show. Bonus points if you can accept one in Cantonese. Party on. Excellent!



: Alamo South Lamar : Opens Fri, June 20 :

This film has a pedigree unlike any other summer comedy this year! With Carell leading the pack, this film also features A-listers James Caan, Alan Arkin and Bill Murray! Plus, it was directed by Peter Segal, who also directed TOMMY BOY! And, if that weren't enough, it's got Prada-wearing princess Anne Hathaway as Maxwell's competent counterpart Agent 99, and "The Rock" himself, Dwayne Johnson, as Agent 23, who recently showed us his well-toned comedy chops with his impressive performance in SOUTHLAND TALES.

- WALL-E -

: Alamo South Lamar : Opens Midnight on Thurs, June 26 :

In the world of CG animation, Pixar has only itself to out-do, and WALL-E looks like they've once again outdone themselves. 700 years in the future, the curious trash-compacting robot Wall-E cleans up the abandoned planet Earth before taking off on an interstellar adventure to discover the meaning of life. Tim League saw this last weekend, and in his blog entry on the Alamo website, his main gist was, "This may very well be my favorite Pixar film of all time." And from Mr. League, that's totally saying a lot.


: Alamo Village : Saturday : 2:30 :

If finding a babysitter makes it difficult for you to come to the movies, The Alamo Drafthouse Village has a deal for you! Every third Saturday of the month, you can see one of our regularly featured afternoon movies without calling around town looking for someone to watch your children, thanks to our friends at Body Business.

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