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THIS WEEK AT THE ALAMO: The Alamo Guide for July 25

Last week, Salon ran an essay by some woman who doesn't like summer. She gets all whiny about "feeling this pressure to go out and enjoy myself." WTF? That's why summer RULES! You can go out and spend the day in the sun, cool off by breaking into a nearby apartment complex's pool, then spend the night watching the biggest and most explosive movies of the year!

What more could you possibly want out of a season than Will Ferrell comedies (STEP BROTHERS opens this week at the Village!), superhero movies (THE DARK NIGHT and HANCOCK are still saving the day at the Ritz, Lamar, and Village), and a little bit of light summer fun to wash it all down with (if you haven't seen MAMMA MIA! at Lamar yet, you owe it to yourself)?

Summer is perfect. Especially *this* summer. Keep drinking it in.


: Alamo Ritz, Lamar & Village : Now Playing :

Did you see it yet???? It's SOOOOOO good! I can already tell that I am going to watch and rewatch this movie in a way that I haven't done since Beetlejuice first came out and I was in junior high. Also! GET THE BAT WINGS APP SPECIAL. Trust me on that one.

: Alamo Ritz : Fri & Sat : July 25 & 26 :

Getting Harvey Dent and the Joker and Batman and Gordon to play around on screen is nice, but what about everyone's favorite Batman "love interest" from the TV series and comics? Fortunately, Catwoman had her own movie a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, it's kind of HORRIBLE. But this is *definitely* one of the So-Horrible-You-Have-To-See-It movies, in other words, the absolute perfect fodder for the boys of Master Pancake Theater and their patented movie-mockery. And because I can't help myself - this show is sure to be purrrrr-fect! (And seriously, that's how Halle Berry talks in the movie - awesome!)

- $2 Music Monday: WESLEY WILLIS' JOYRIDES -
: Alamo Ritz : Mon, July 28 :

A portrait of the self proclaimed rock 'n' roll star and "Chicago City Artist" Wesley Willis. Despite impossible odds, Chicago native Wesley Willis became an underground rock icon, revered artist and hero to many before his untimely death in 2003. Through his force of personality and artistic talents, Wesley's music and art attracted people from all walks of life. This excellent film, constructed from many years of interviews and candid footage, follows the prolific artist on his journey from obscurity to fame. It was one of our favorite films at SXSW this year and we can't wait to see it again.


: Alamo South Lamar : Now Playing :

If you spent all of last week watching THE DARK KNIGHT, treat yourself to something utterly light this weekend with the film Slate calls, "delightfully dorky," and for good reason. Because is the idea of a musical movie set to the tunes of ABBA a dorky thing to pursue? Heck yes. But that's precisely why it's so much fun.

- Free Kids Club: GOOD BURGER -

Honestly, this movie is WWWAAAYYYY funnier than you'd expect it to endless array of genuinely intelligent sight gags and goofball characters. If you like laughing and/or burgers, this is a show you can't miss. Really!

- AFS Essential Cinema: THE BAND'S VISIT -

When an Egyptian police orchestra gets lost on its way to a performance in Israel, the band and their stoic leader wind up far from home in an obscure Israeli village. Lightly approaching the political issues that surround the band's visit, this charming, heartfelt comedy shows how people of all cultures share the trials of friendship and romance.


: Alamo Village :Opens Friday, July 25 :

Ferrell and Reilly play Brennen and Dale, two fully-grown, unemployed only-children who become sudden step brothers when Brennen's mom (Mary Steenbergen) marries Dale's dad (Richard Jenkins). As their narcissism and downright aggressive laziness threaten to tear the family apart, these two middle-aged boys will orchestrate an insane, elaborate plan to bring their parents back together.
: Alamo South Lamar : Tues, July 29 :
: Alamo South Lamar : Mon - Thurs :

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