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THIS WEEK AT THE ALAMO: The Alamo Guide… in Blog Form

We certainly have a plethora of special events coming your way this week, and with the summer blockbuster season heating up with this Thursday's release of IRON MAN, we figured this would be a good time to debut a new weekly blog series - the THIS WEEK AT THE ALAMO series. We realize that some of you have graduated past emails and now exist solely on an RSS or Twitter feeds, so this series of entries will basically be here every week to take the information from the Alamo Guide email newsletter and repurpose it as a blog. You get to see more little pictures and showtimes grids if you read the email, but all of the other information about specialty shows we're especially pysched for every week will be here in the THIS WEEK AT THE ALAMO blog entry. So here we go:


: Alamo Ritz : Opens Thursday, May 1 :

In addition to being a skilled inventor and armor-clad warrior, Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, is also known to be quite the drinker. So at the Ritz we're celebrating the release of IRON MAN with a special offering of a scotch flight - a full line of premium scotches delivered to your seat throughout the screening.

: Alamo Ritz : Fri, May 2 : Sat, May 3 :

"Damn you all to hell!" This April, Master Pancake reaches back to the 1960's to mock the Charlton Heston classic Planet of the Apes (1968). Guest comedian Owen Egerton rejoins the cast to help mock the movie in which Charlton Heston plays against type: as a macho, chiseled-face everyman angrily fighting for survival in a world gone mad.

- BACKPACK PICNIC - DVD Release Party -
: Alamo Ritz : Sun, May 4 :

Backpack Picnic is the latest comedy troupe/flower to evolve/blossom from the creative minds/plants that fester/sprout in the brains/humus of Mitch Baker and David Bewley, who have been performing original comedy together for 11 years. Rene Pinnell joined the troupe when he directed their MTV pilot in 2005, and Shannon McCormick and Jeremy Lamb have been integral players since 2003. Though Backpack Picnic's history is short, it comes from a long line of absurdist comedy incarnations dating back to HBO's US Comedy Arts Festival in 2000.

- the THREE AMIGOS Feast-Along -
: Alamo Ritz : Mon, May 5 : 7pm :

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with the three of the funniest gringos to ever don sombreros with this special screening of THREE AMIGOS that will be part pinata party, part Quote-Along, and all glued together with a multilple course Mexican feast prepared by Ritz chef Trish Eichelberger. Just make sure your mouth isn't full when you give the Three Amigos salute, cause you might choke yourself with that final pelvic thrust.

: Alamo Ritz : Tues, May 6 : 10pm :

The first Austin Rock Band Championships were INSANE. An entire drunk band, rockers throwing equipment around on the stage as if they were real instruments, and George Romero leading an all zombie band of dead rockers are just some of the highlights. This week we'll be back for more, and you can still sign up to compete or just come out for the spectacle. Either way, click here for more info.

: Alamo Ritz : Thurs, May 8 : 7pm :

Mel Brooks' STAR WARS parody is soooo much more than just a parody film, and filled with the sorts of jokes that the writers of all the recently (and horribly) made "spoof films" wish they could dream up. And ever since the BLAZING SADDLES Quote-Along we did in the winter, we knew that we had to come back for more Mel. If your Schwartz is as big as mine, you're probably uncomfortably excited with just the prospect of this show happening. Somewhere in space, Dot Matrix's virgin alarm is ringing loudly.

: Alamo Ritz : Thurs, May 8 : 9:25pm :

We really haven't been able to get enough of the New Wave Sing-Along, and so it's with a sort of regret that we're retiring this show for the time being. If you haven't been out to this celebration of all things keytar and eyeliner, Thursday, May 8 will be your last chance, and you definitely don't want to miss it.

with Eddie "CRABMAN" Steeples live in person!
: Alamo Ritz : Sat, May 10 : Sun, May 11 :

"WHEN IS TOMORROW is a brilliantly acted and photographed example of how the low-budget, DIY aesthetic can compliment a story when told by people who know what they're doing. BUFF alum Kevin Ford (People Are Dead, 2005) and Eddie Steeples (TV's My Name Is Earl) are a joy to watch in every scene they occupy together-vividly bringing to life characters that are both hilarious and heartbreaking."
- 2007 Boston Underground Film Festival

Plus, we'll have live comedy from Eddie Steeples himself before the Saturday show!


- MILDRED PIERCE Coffee & Pie Social -
: Alamo South Lamar : Sun, May 4 : 2pm :

With an all-star pie flight featuring pies specially baked by the chefs of Chez Zee, Z'Tejas, Lambert's, Woodland, and dozens of other restaurants and piemakers, who have generously donated their time and expertise for this screening. All the pie, coffee and Amy's Ice Cream you can eat is included in the $30 ticket price.

- the SPEED RACER Road Rally -
: Alamo South Lamar : Sat, May 10 :

Watching people race around a track never excited us until we saw the trailer for this new film from the Wachowski brothers. Now we feel the need for speed ourselves, and we're putting together a photo-scavenger hunt and road rally that will send us all racing (within the posted speed limits, of course) all over Austin to get the best Speed Racer moments and momentos before we collapse with joy, stop driving, and start drinking while we watch the new SPEED RACER movie at the Alamo Lamar.

- BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S : The Mother's Day Feast -
: Alamo South Lamar : Sunday, May 11 :

This Mothers Day we'll have three big feasts for you to treat your Mom (or the mother of your kids) to. At South Lamar, Chef John Bullington and company will be bringing back an old favorite - BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S - as a special brunch feast with the most extravagant, urbane, and effortlessly sophisticated menu they can devise. And don't worry, there will be enough bubbly to go around, and if your mom lives too far away, feel free to treat yourself and then just tell her about all the food you ate in her honor.


: Alamo Village : Friday : Midnight :

Beginning April 11th, we will show, commercial free, last week's episode and the new episode back to back. THESE SHOWINGS WILL BEGIN AT MIDNIGHT. However, there are times when our film schedule may cause these midnight showings to start late.

- RAISING ARIZONA: The Mother's Day Feast -
: Alamo Village : Sun, May 11 : Noon :

At the Alamo Village, we're all excited to celebrate motherhood with the Coen Brothers' hilarious RAISING ARIZONA. Expect chef Elijah Horgan to mix in expert touches of Southwest cuisine with all-American comfort food staples while Nicholas Cage and Holly Hunter pursue their particularly cockeyed dream of familyhood. This is set to be the most down-home Mother's Day feast the Alamo has ever thrown, so grab Mom and come join us for some baby-stealin', biker-thwartin', prison-bustin' good times!

- TV at the ALAMO presents LOST -

: Alamo Village : Thursday, May 1 & May 8 :

The WGA strike ended a while back now, but it hasn't been until the past few weeks that television finally started coming back to us. Oh sweet, sweet television, never leave us again! Join the celebration of worship this Thursday as we continue enjoying of our most popular TV at the Alamo presentations - LOST.

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