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This Sunday: Asian Invasion Presents SEX & ZEN

Believe it. We're showing the rampaging Hong Kong adults only classic. One show only, don't miss.

This Sunday: Asian Invasion Presents SEX & ZEN


In 1988, Hong Kong introduced a new rating system for new films. For the first time there was an adults-only designation for films with prurient appeal. In the decade or so that followed, the new "Category III" films became fashionable, and of course very profitable. There were gritty urban crime and horror films like DR. LAMB, THE UNTOLD STORY and NAKED KILLER; standard sexploitation fare (example: THE FRUIT IS SWELLING); and insane wild cards (THE STORY OF RICKY and MAN BEHIND THE SUN), but the big box office monster of the bunch was the influential SEX & ZEN (1991).

Besed on a centuries-old novel, SEX & ZEN is shockingly respectable looking for such a filthy movie. But don't worry, it's not THE KING'S SPEECH. Even though it's well made, at it's heart it's still the story of a guy who gets a horse penis transplanted onto his body and becomes very popular with the ladies.
Starring Amy Yip, who went on to become the face and figure of Category III sex films. SEX & ZEN was so (deservedly) popular that it was just remade this past year in 3D and broke box office records all over again. This Sunday at the Ritz come see the original sensation with us in 35mm and get ready to laugh. You might even learn a little something, God help you.



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