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THIS IS SPINAL TAP: The Sing-and-Quote-Along

The Sing-and-Quote-Along that takes it to eleven!

Thursdays, August 6, 13 & 20
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At the August 6th show only, local rockers Adrian and the Sickness will do a special all Spinal Tap set! And when they've finished, I'm going to explode the drummer!

Spinal Tap. Even though the film was clearly a documentary, it has come to our attention that many people still think of the film as a work of fiction and that some of you may believe that Spinal Tap isn't even a real band...

To those haters I ask:
Do they have songs? Yes.
Have they appeared on national television? Yes.

So Spinal Tap is a real band, this is a real rockumentary, and we know almost every line of dialogue in it. We're going to subtitle our favorite lines karaoke-style for the audience anyway, we'll provide inflatable guitars so we can all stand up and do solos along with Nigel, and every amp in the building will be turned up to 11 the entire time because tonight we will rock you tonight, all night.
(Henri Mazza)

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