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There will be a God in our presence next Wednesday night.

There's a shocking article in the Austin Chronicle this week about Davie Allan, the guy who created the music for many, many biker movie soundtracks in the '60s.

I read it with great interest since I am a gigantic fan of his supernaturally perfect fuzz tone. I've watched a lot of biker movies and all the best of them feature Davie on guitar. His sound just seems to incite every cell in your body to brawling, rebellion and motorized hell-raising. So understandably, I could barely believe the words I was reading. How could it be?

He will be joining us on Wednesday February 20 to bring his biker guitar rumble to the stage of the Ritz before a screening of the not on DVD American International Pictures motorcycle gang classic DEVIL'S ANGELS. Davie Allan is truly one of the gods of this thing we call coolness and it's a huge honor to have him perform on the Ritz stage.

Here he is in a recent performance, sounding GREAT:

Please join us: tickets and more information here.

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