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The Youngest Michael Jackson Fans Still Sing His Praise

As I've been building the Action Pack's NYE Sing-Along for our show at the Ritz, I've been putting a lot of thought into the biggest moments in pop culture that happened this year. The biggest, clearly, was the passing of the King of Pop. But as this video of children born in 2000 makes clear, his music is clearly going to live on in the next generation, so his immortality is guaranteed.

To some kids, it even seems like MJ is the new Raffi. Check out this two year old singing Heal the World:

How can you not want to make it a better place, just for her??

This kid doesn't get into the singing aspect of it, but that's only because HE FEELS MJ's MUSIC TOO DEEPLY:

At the very end of that it looks like maybe he's acting so his parents will keep giving him attention, but in the beginning he just really, really wants to believe that he is not alone and that Michael is here with all of us.

Short aside - did you know R. Kelly wrote that song? AWESOME.

And finally there's this car-seated toddler who will beat you up if you take away his Beat It:

There won't be a lot of Michael in the New Year's show, cause I'm focusing most of it on the videos that changed pop culture this decade, but you'd better believe we'll be giving him a shout out.

And you also better believe that there'll be some Kells in there, too, cause he owned R&B in the two thousands. Speaking of R., you should also do yourself a favor and listen to Echo right now.

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