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yes-men-blogEver since we caught THE YES MEN FIX THE WORLD at SXSW last year, we've been keeping an eye on it to give it the full, big screen theatrical treatment it deserves.  Well, we can give our eyes a rest now because it opens this Friday at the Ritz!

Not only is this film a comedy riot, but it also has the power to incite riots- like turning over cars, shopkeepers on roofs with sniper rifles, flaming effigies riots!  Somehow, the humble culture-jamming duo known collectively as The Yes Men managed to raise their little self-funded pet project into the international limelight, establishing themselves as the definitive fearless avengers against corporate greed and excess.  And how these two aren't in jail is CRAZY!  They defrauded Dow Chemical of 2 billion in stock in ONE DAY!

Alright, spoiler alert: The Yes Men don't actually fix the world.  But what they accomplish is a huge step in the right direction.  Their courageous, seemingly illegal, potentially deadly and always hysterical methods of exposing "the truth" will leave everybody ready to join the revolution.  Maybe we already knew things needed to change, but the Yes Men show us why.

This is the funniest civic duty of the year, don't miss it.  Get you tickets here.

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