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The WEST SIDE STORY Brunch Menu!

Chef John Bullington finally stamped his approval on a menu over a year in the making. Jets and Sharks delight...

Don't miss this perfect pairing of food and film this Sunday at the Ritz!

I West Side Bagel
Toasted onion bagel with whipped cream cheese and mojito isleno (Puerto Rican olive sauce)

II Shark's Escebeche
Lightly fried and marinated overnight atop baby spinach with grilled chayote

III Egg Riff and Egg Nardo
Fried Egg with irish lamb sausage on a black pepper biscuit with roast garlic gravy topped with fried onions & Poached egg on carnival cornbread with pernil al horno (roast pork shoulder) and papaya tarragon sauce

IV Officer Crumpet
Crumpets torn between two rivals, guava-lime jam and strawberry jelly


Bloody Maria (one included with ticket)
Tomato juice livened up with annatto, tamarind and sofrito puree of pickled plantain and fried cilantro

Bloody Antone (available for purchase)
Prosecco with blood orange juice and passion fruit

Grab a ticket here.

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