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The unstoppable SLUMDOG

slumdog-blog1Like the emerald-gilded army of Dehli Sultans marching on Hollywood with legions of armored elephants in tow, a couple of penniless kids from the streets of Mumbai ran through the Kodak Theater last night, picking little golden statutes out of Academy pockets.  They weren't stealing, though.  They earned those little guys.

It's official, Danny Boyle's SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE is the best movie of the year (also best directed, best edited, best cinematography, best scored, has the best original  song, best screenplay, and one hell of a good sound mixing team...but who's keeping track?).

We weren't surprised, because we've seen it.  Anyone who's seen the film wasn't surprised.  And anyone who hasn't seen the film yet, should.  Oscar's aren't sold like Senate seats, they're awarded for excellence.  And it's still running strong at Alamo South Lamar (tickets and info here)...actually, it's on track to become the top grossing film in Alamo Drafthouse history!  First it was PAN'S LABYRINTH.  Then the unstoppable JUNO swept in for the no. 1 spot, which still reigns supreme (even against the mighty DARK KNIGHT)...until now.  SLUMDOG.  MILLIONAIRE.  CAN NOT BE STOPPED.

Check out the complete list of Oscar Winners Here, and go see SLUMDOG.  JUNO's day of reckoning is fast approaching.

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