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The Ultimate Sing-Along Mix Tape

Last night we had the last sing-along at the Colorado Street location, and there were lots of pictures taken. Here are some of my favorites so far, courtesy of Posh Deluxe.

Owen forgot to order cheese sticks before the dance party.

99 red balloons! No, wait... 98 red balloons. Someone popped one.

Oh dance area near the screen, how we will miss you.

I guess I'll die another day.

Owen hearts Jodi.


How we touched and went our separate ways!

Caitlin! Rock!

Got other photos from last night, other sing-alongs, or any other Alamo memories from the Colorado Street location? Send us some! We're looking for as big a scrapbook as possible, and we've got a special email address all set for the reception of memories. Shoot us a line at lastnight(@)!

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