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The Super Set’s Superhero Dance Party: the Sequel

Two weeks ago the Superset transformed the Highball into a fortress of anything but solitude, where heroes the world over came together to dance, drink, and celebrate all of their victories. This Saturday you have one more chance to join in the heroic revelry...

The Super Set’s Superhero Dance Party: the Sequel

The Avengers assembled, the Justice League joined in, and the X-Men spent a lot of time telling us how proud they were to be mutants. In other words, the first Super Set Superhero Dance Party at the Highball was such a raging success that after having our opening night party for X-MEN: FIRST CLASS we asked them to team up again for another super dance party this weekend in honor of GREEN LANTERN.

In case you've never been to one of the Super Set's monthly parties, here are a few things you need to know right away:

1) The Super Set isn't just one group. It's a joint effort by Houndstooth, DJ Fuckin' A, the Action Pack, and the Super Set dancers. When you put just one of those elements into a room you have a party. When you combine them all together you transform the already beautiful Highball ballroom into something otherworldly and awesome. Check out the scene *before* the party, as DJ Fuckin' A is just setting up his equipment under the most badass light stage ever:



2) We're taking costume parties to an entirely new level. Even if you don't usually like dancing, putting a mask on can make it all fun. Plus we'll have a costume contest a little after midnight and give away a Highball gift certificate you can use on your next visit. Last week I felt totally comfortable in my rented Batman costume until I started hosting the  contest, and our heroes alll BROUGHT IT. Not content to just let the outfits do the talking, we had a full on dance battle in the middle of our Batcave, with some super fierce competition between the Wonder Women, Gary and Ace, and Quailman

3) This is one of my favorite event trailers to watch with a crowd:


So yeah, whether you're a hero yourself or a citizen grateful for being saved this year, this Saturday night the Highball is your School for the Gifted. We got crazy last time, but I have no doubt that we can get even more epic this time out.

Tickets to all of this craziness are just $5, and you can get yours in advance on the Highball site right here. We'll also have the lovely Annie Ray out to run a photo booth this time, so be sure to check their blog after the party to see all of this weekend's costumes!


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