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THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE goes behind the scenes of Vogue with Anna Wintour

september_issue_still_04You may have caught Vogue editor and DEVIL WEARS PRADA inspiration Anna Wintour on TV recently discussing the new documentary THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE. It takes viewers behind the scenes as the staff at Vogue assembles its monumental September 2007 issue. The amount of behind the scenes access is unprecedented, as the viewer is made privy to the powers that war behind the scenes and the intense professionalism and teamwork that go into such a huge underaking.

The sun at the center of the Vogue system is Wintour of course. She has developed (some might say cultivated) a reputation as an elegant hydra - the alpha bitch. But the film presents a more complex picture of a driven, perfectionist leader. To be sure, there are some icy moments with staff but the final picture is of a tough, creative professional. Vogue readers will love the movie, of course, but all students of human behavior will find the portrait of Wintour and her lieutenants endlessly fascinating.

THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE opens at Lamar this week.


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