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THE ROCKETEER flies into Mason Park this December for free Alamo Kids Club screening

This New Year's Eve, ring in 2012 with a visit back to 1938 at our free screening of THE ROCKETEER, sponsored by 8th Dimension Comics & Games and Ain't It Cool News

THE ROCKETEER flies into Mason Park this December for free Alamo Kids Club screening

The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, Ain’t It Cool News and 8th Dimension Comics & Games are teaming up for a new series at the Alamo  Drafthouse Cinema — Mason Park: the Alamo Kids Club. Every month, we’ll screen a classic movie from the vaults — completely for free. Bring the kids, the whole family or your childhood friends and reminisce over or discover some of the greatest family-friendly movies ever made.

This month: THE ROCKETEER (1991)

"Jenny, prepare yourself for a shock: I'm the Rocketeer."

This month the Alamo Kids Club goes back in time to 1938 — a simpler period where the bad guys where ugly and the good guys flew through the sky on rocket packs.

Billy Campbell stars as Ciff Secord, a stunt pilot who discovers a jet pack that enables him to fly and engage in acts of daring-do. Too bad, Cliff's plans to become Los Angeles' newest superhero are complicated when the FBI, the Nazis (hiss!) and Howard Hughes enter the fray. With a supporting cast that includes the lovely Jennifer Connelly, Alan Arkin, Timothy Dalton and LOST's Terry O'Quinn (!), THE ROCKETEER is a movie that deserves to be rediscovered by today's youth. It's fast-paced, a whole lot of fun and features some of the coolest retro-styled aesthetic you're likely to see in a comic book movie. Joe Johnston (who brought audiences CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER this summer) is responsible for this great piece of throwback entertainment. Bring the whole family and strap in for a rocket-propelled matinee of fun, fisticuffs and flying men.

We're starting the Alamo Kids Club a bit later in the morning than usual this month because we're going to offer the little ones their own New Year's Eve countdown. We'll count down the clock as it turns noon and we'll have prizes, giveaways and all sorts of coolness for your children to help ring in 2012.

Tickets can't be purchased online (because they're free!) but you can pick your tickets up at the box office anytime between now and December 31.

Saturday, January 31 @ 11:45 AM - Mason Park



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