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The reason the Internet was invented

Yes, email is great, and being able to secure your ticket to shows ahead of time by visiting awesome movie theater websites is pretty convenient. But I'm still pretty convinced that the entire Internet was invented for one purpose: delivering to me these photographs:

[caption align="aligncenter" width="403" caption="JWOWW had neither confirmed nor denied seeing Michael's penis piercing"]JWOWW had neither confirmed nor denied seeing Michaels penis piercing[/caption]

[caption align="aligncenter" width="403" caption=""Not bad, Cera, but is your hair water proof and sex proof?""]Not bad, Cera, but is your hair water proof and sex proof?[/caption]

Yes, it's Michael Cera, star of this weekend's opening film at the Ritz, YOUTH IN REVOLT, hanging out with the cast of MTV's most ridiculous reality show ever, JERSEY SHORE.

These photos were released a couple of days ago now, when apparently MTV told Cera he could do whatever he wanted to for his on air spots to promote YOUTH IN REVOLT on their station. In an inspired move, Cera apparently chose to spend an afternoon with the most revoltingly awesome youth in America right now, and God saw fit to deliver us these photos of their good times.


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