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The REAL GENIUS Quote-Along: 700 pounds of popcorn? Seriously?

Dear Henri Mazza,

Don't get me wrong, I respect you. I think you're an exceedingly smart, inventive and all-around good guy. But there is way too much popcorn in our office right now.

It's time someone checked your flagrant disregard for the time and personal space of the people you work with, not to mention those generous few who must clean the mess left in the wake of your unrestrained indulgences.

Again, please don't take offense to this post- it's the REAL GENIUS Quote-Along, popcorn's supposed to explode all over the place, I get it- but there is absolutely way too much popcorn in our office right now. And what little space is left is now home to your haze machine and two hundred boxes of laser pointers. Again, it's the REAL GENIUS Quote-Along, I get it, but come on. Why can't we ever do the DOGVILLE Quote-Along, or even WILD STRAWBERRIES- simple character studies with a minimal amount of props? But I guess those wouldn't be as fun...

In short, please promise me you intend on making The REAL GENIUS Quote-Along worthy of these burdensome eccentricities. I have no doubt it'll be an experience of the highest (or, depending on where you're standing, lowest) order, but all this popcorn is clogging my sense of humor and salting wounds on my soul you inflicted with your god damned confetti gun.

As ever,

The Alamo Drafthouse Programming Office

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