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The Norwegians Have Landed! Party With Them This Wednesday night!

Free Norwegian appetizers, free corpsepainting, drink specials and free Shiners to everyone with a Norwegian passport.

The Norwegians Have Landed! Party With Them This Wednesday night!

Tonight's the WELCOME TO HELLFJORD party at the Highball, and it's going to be insane. Assacre, Akvavit, lutefish, mayhem, corpsepainting - the whole shebang! Open to all badgeholders and open to the public! Read on for the scoop:


We are so excited to be hosting a plethora of Norwegian guests at the festival this year.  We are not only privileged to be bringing you the world premieres of the television series HELLFJORD and the documentary THE EXORCIST IN THE 21st CENTURY, but also the North American Premiere of Øystein Karlsen's feature directing debut FUCK UP as well as the amazing Norwegian shorts SPACEWRECKED, SLAGBRØDRE and VIDEOBOY.

To honor the triumphant return of Norway to Austin, we are throwing the "Welcome to HELLFJORD Norwegian Party" featuring the reunion of Austin's premier one-man metal band ASSACRE!!

In celebration of these magnificent gifts from our friends of the North, we are holding the Norwegian rager to end all Norwegian ragers at The Highball, with plenty of Akvavit and all the rakfisk you can eat (and we can put away the rakfisk). We'll burn the night to cinders with performances by ASSACRE and WIDOWER plus black metal DJ selections from a mystery authority on Nordic viciousness. We’ll also be snapping your funnybones with a set from America's favorite black metal stand-up comic AZZEROTH THE JOVIAL.  The party will kick off tomorrow, Wednesday Sept. 26th at 10pm!

Stop by for a cold one from 8pm-11pm and prepare for the insanity by receiving a complimentary corpsepainting makeover from our make-up artists stationed outside The Highball.

We'll also be offering a complimentary Shiner or well liquor drink to all our Norwegian guests in attendance.  Show a Norwegian passport to the bartenders at The Highball and Fantastic Fest will buy your first drink!

Attendees will enjoy free Norwegian canapes designed by Alamo executive chef John Bullington!  Come early and get 'em before they are gobbled up!

Rakfish, egg, scallion, white sauce, gold potato, pickled chard
Lutefish, potetlefse, crisp garlic, pea puree, brown butter
Lumpfish Roe, purple potato, sour cream, fried caper, mustard seed,
Pickled Herring, rhubarb, spiced cream sauce, shallot, rye

Norwegian drink specials for the evening are:

A delicious Norwegian twist on a traditional bloody mary, made with aquavit
(Norwegian Happy Meal)
Jester King Weasel Rodeo beer, a collaboration with cult Norwegian brewer Mikkeller served with an icy cold aquavit shot.

This event is open to ALL badgeholders as well as the general public.  Tell your friends, bring your friends, corpsify your friends!


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