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The new ALICE IN WONDERLAND trailer makes me miss Dante Basco

Just in time for the release of AVATAR, Disney is releasing this new trailer for Tim Burton's ALICE IN WONDERLAND so that we can be reminded that after James Cameron changes movies forever, there will still be movies (but from now on I think they're going to make it illegal to make a film that isn't full of incredibly lush visuals or filmed in the "so early 2009" two-dimensional photography):

Okay, I'm sure I was the only one living under a rock, but I hadn't seen any of the previous ALICE trailers and knew nothing about it other than the fact that Johnny Depp has been rocking some serious glam-meets-Carrot-Top make up on the poster in the hallway at South Lamar for a few months now. Watching this, though, I finally realized: This is a whole new story, with a new return to Wonderland? No one tells me anything!

So this is basically the HOOK of the Alice in Wonderland world. I am 100% okay with that as long as Rufio is in there somewhere.


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