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The most fun you’ll have at a doc! BEST WORST MOVIE opens at Lamar this Fri!

BEST WORST MOVIE Opens Fri at S Lamar Cast & Filmmakers LIVE on Fri & Sat night shows!

"A raging success… Infectiously fun, energetic, and crazily enthusiastic." - The Onion A.V. Club

There is NO better way to spend 90 minutes of your life than immersing yourself in this impossibly entertaining documentary.

The 1990 horror movie TROLL II is The Worst Film Ever Made. But somehow, the stories of its participants and creation weave the best documentary we've seen in years! Critically acclaimed beyond belief, BEST WORST MOVIE is a hilarious, very real and shockingly sincere exploration of the incredible and/or flawed components that somehow brought history's most ridiculous film to life. This riveting true-life story brings us the actors and filmmakers behind TROLL II, telling the story in their own words whether they've spent years in the cult movie limelight or hiding from their on-screen legacy.

An incredible experience whether you're a TROLL II fan or you've never even heard of the damn thing. It was THE film of SXSW '09, it's one of the best docs of our time and we can't wait to watch it again.

ALSO!: The Troll II goblins have already invaded Austin! Look HERE for the startling evidence!

"One of the best documentaries of 2009… differing and fascinating levels of obscurity, normalcy, and dysfunction… gets us back in touch with what it means to love movies, to make them, and to have our lives changed by them for better, and sometimes Worst.” - /FILM



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