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The Most Carnivorous Day Of My Life: A BLAZING SADDLES BBQ Run Wrap-Up

In a rare fit of gluttony, my girlfriend Sarah came along with me and the other carnivores for a Saturday afternoon full of non-stop meat and beer. She may have skipped the brisket in Gonzalez after getting too full on sausage at Smitty's, but she still managed to record the entire BLAZING SADDLES BBQ RUN much better than I ever could. She posted about the day on her blog over at, and I thought I'd share some of that with you guys. But fair warning - for some reason she really, really hates capital letters. Here's Sarah:

you know how katie holmes just ran the NYC marathon and everyone was shocked cos they’ve never seen her training and she’s got a toddler at home?

oh, you didn’t know that? well, she did.

anyway, on saturday, i did something similarly amazing and unexpected. i got on a bus with thirty other people and traveled to four different small towns to eat bbq and drink beer.

and yes, it did change my life.

as part of the “blazing saddles” quote-a-long, the alamo organized a bbq tour of lockhart, luling and gonzalez. i think the plan came about when tim (the owner) thought, “hmm. blazing saddles reminds me of bbq! i want to get a bus! with a keg! and travel to all of my favorite bbq places!” and when you’re the owner of the alamo drafthouse, you basically get to do whatever you want. and people will pay to join you.

here’s our carnivorous crowd, waiting for the bus outside of the ritz.

you probably noticed that we all have the same black t-shirt on. if you’re going to do something wacky as a group, you HAVE to wear the same shirt. it’s just one of those things. henri designed it (ed. note - based on Zack's awesome slogan), and here is tim (not the owner, but still a v. cool guy) modeling it for you:

i have the feeling that this shirt could kick the arse of a veggie heaven t-shirt.

we all loaded up on the party bus, which was waaaaay better than yr average school bus. first, there was no gum under the seats. second, no boys tried to snap my bra strap.

and third, there was a keg!

for once, i got to be a cool kid and sit in the back. YES! the only problem is that i forgot about how the “cool kids” in the back are also the kids that give each other nosebleeds. check out tim breaking the bus window with bobby’s face.

i bet bobby will never call tim “four eyes” again.

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