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The Middle of the Map Film Fest Starts Today!

Wednesday, May 1 to Sunday, May 5, 2013
25+ feature films of every genre
films that have won awards from all over the US and world

The Middle of the Map Film Fest Starts Today!

Wednesday, May 1 to Sunday, May 5, 2013
25+ feature films of every genre
films that have won awards from all over the US and world

The Film Fest is at The Alamo Drafthouse at 14th & Main

A FEST PASS is only $25 - it's good for all FIVE days of films
get one at

Individual FILM TICKETS are $10 - get at the box office starting May 1

PARKING: Cosentino’s Parking Garage offers FREE PARKING Sunday- Wednesday and $2 parking all day Thursday - Saturday with validation at The Alamo. There is also some free street parking, parking meters and other pay lots.

here's the lineup, bios, trailers and showtimes for all of the films
there's some great stuff here - hope you can make it to the fest.
for more info and to plan your schedule go to

Before Bad Brains, the Sex Pistols or even the Ramones, there was Death. Formed in the early '70s by three teenage brothers from Detroit, Death is credited as being the first black punk band, and the Hackney brothers, David, Bobby, and Dannis, are now considered pioneers in their field. But it wasn’t until recently — when a dusty 1974 demo tape made its way out of Bobby’s attic nearly 30 years after Death’s heyday — that anyone outside a small group of punk enthusiasts had even heard of them.

Equal parts electrifying rockumentary and epic family chronicle, the story of Death is one of brotherly love and fierce, divinely inspired expression.

SHOWTIMES: Saturday, May 4 at 8PM and Sunday, May 5 at 2:15PM.
WHY YOU SHOULD SEE THIS MOVIE: Did you like the 2013 Oscar-winning documentary Searching for Sugar Man? You'll like this.

Filmed during culminating months of the acclaimed singer-songwriter’s most rigorous year of touring, Andrew Bird crosses the December finish line in his hometown of Chicago – feverish and on crutches from an onstage injury. Is he suffering hazards from chasing the ghost of inspiration? Or merely transforming into a different kind of animal “perfectly adapted to the music hall?” FEVER YEAR is the first to capture Bird’s precarious multi-instrumental looping technique and features live performances at Milwaukee’s Pabst Theater with collaborators Martin Dosh, Jeremy Ylvisaker, Michael Lewis and Annie Clark of St. Vincent.

SHOWTIMES: Thursday, May 2 at 8PM
WHY YOU SHOULD SEE THIS MOVIE: “A cunning hybrid of documentary and concert film.” – Film Society of Lincoln Center / New York Film Festival

A concert film, literally BY the fans, FOR the fans. Trent Reznor had originally intended to film the entirety of three shows of the Lights in the Sky Tour in 3-D, using James Cameron's 3-D team, for release on what would have been the act's last live album, to date. Due to Interscope Records pulling out at the last minute, the project could not be completed and thus This One Is On Us (production company) decided to create its own release of the band's final performance in Las Vegas on December 13, 2009.

However, footage of over 400 GB worth of video from the band's shows in Victoria (December 5), Portland (December 7), and Sacramento (December 12) was nevertheless shot by "a mysterious, shadowy group of subversives" and unofficially distributed via BitTorrent as a Christmas/New Year gift from Reznor to fans for them to do as they wished.

SHOWTIMES: Sunday, May 5 at 3PM
WHY YOU SHOULD SEE THIS MOVIE: Two words: Trent Reznor.
no trailer yet - it's a brand new film.

Jim and Dave are brothers. They haven't seen each-other in years, but when their father unexpectedly dies, they're forced to travel down to Branson together to redeem their inheritance; the family's lake home. Upon arriving, they find that the house is in terrible condition, and worse-yet, they'll have to fix it themselves before they can sell it and receive their money. What follows is a series of hilarious mishaps and costly misadventures that ultimately help the two brothers rebuild their strained relationship as they attempt to restore the house they grew up in. The film is directed by Missouri filmmaker Todd Sklar.

SHOWTIMES: Saturday, May 4 at 5:45PM and Sunday, May 5 at 3PM
WHY YOU SHOULD SEE THIS MOVIE: Made by a Missouri filmmaker and it's just released, so you'll be one of the first to see it.
CORPORATE FM - a Q&A with the director will follow the screening of the film

Radio once united entire cities around their local bands, local charities and local businesses. Then corporate greed and financial game players preyed on this industry creating a void in our culture. Corporate FM follows the tragic story of commercial radio, meanwhile revealing a greater truth about the destruction of the US economy.

SHOWTIMES: Saturday, May 4 at 5:45PM with Q&A after the film
WHY YOU SHOULD SEE THIS MOVIE: It's an important film and you can meet the director.
EATING ALABAMA - FREE screening presented by CHIPOTLE, FREE food at Chipotle at 14th & Walnut after the film

In search of a simpler life, a young couple returns home to Alabama where they set out to eat the way their grandparents did – locally and seasonally. But as they navigate the agro-industrial gastronomical complex, they soon realize that nearly everything about the food system has changed since farmers once populated their family histories. A thoughtful and often funny essay on community, the South and sustainability, “Eating Alabama” is a story about why food matters.

SHOWTIMES: Saturday, May 4 at 4PM
WHY YOU SHOULD SEE THIS MOVIE: It's FREE and it talks about important, sustainable issues in an engaging way. And FREE tacos after.

Accompanied by their taciturn and indifferent Russian polar bear guard, the group goes on an audio treasure hunt in the empty buildings of the abandoned town, while the narrator, former Piramida citizen Alexander, takes us back to a bygone era, when
Piramida flourished and the immigrant Russian miners and their families lived in a Soviet parallel society far from the brutal reality of their homeland.

The Ghost of Piramida premiered in November 2012 in Amsterdam at the world’s biggest documentary film festival IDFA, and here the film was selected as one of the top three music films of the year. Since then, the film has been screened at several other film festivals and in art house cinemas around Europe.

SHOWTIMES: Sunday, May 5 at 12:45PM
WHY YOU SHOULD SEE THIS MOVIE: Efterklang will become one of your favorite bands.
THE EQUATION - a Q&A with the director will follow the screening of the film

The Equation is a journey that follows french botanist Dr. Julian Desvaux in his pursuit for the rumored but undiscovered la respiration dʼorchidee ́s (The Breathing Orchid). It is rumored to have “fountain of Youth” qualities, regenerating cells and reviving deceased matter.
Armed with recording, mapping, and scientific devices, he shoulders an immense pack and heads into the jungles, mountains, and wild places to find this elusive flower. Along the way he finds his pursuit of beauty comes at a cost.
Slowly but surely his devices not only fail his pursuit, but become a hindrance. Eventually he is stranded in the wilderness with nothing more than his five senses where the story blooms much like the Breathing Orchid itself. Facing death, the thing he seeks may be the only thing that can save him.

SHOWTIMES: Sunday, May 5 at 12:45PM(w/Ghost of Piramida)
WHY YOU SHOULD SEE THIS MOVIE: The director, Jeremy Collins, will become one of your favorite illustrators and you can meet him in person to hear his stories.


Greetings from Tim Buckley follows the story of the days leading up to Jeff Buckley's eminent 1991 performance at his father's tribute concert in St. Ann's Church. Through a romance with a young woman working at the concert, he learns to embrace all of his feelings toward the father who abandoned him - longing, anger, forgiveness, and love. Culminating a cathartic performance of his father's most famous songs, Jeff's debut stuns the audience and launches his career as one of the greatest young musicians of his time.

SHOWTIMES: Friday, May 3 at 10:15PM and Saturday, May 4 at 10:15PM
WHY YOU SHOULD SEE THIS MOVIE: It shows you the beginning of the amazing story and musician that is/was Jeff Buckley.

A group of 13-year-old friends play an innocent game of Capture the Flag in the neighborhood woods, arming themselves with nothing more than sticks, their imagination and a simple set of rules. One afternoon the game takes on a more serious tone and the quest for victory pushes the boundaries of friendship, giving the would-be warriors a glimpse of the darker side of human nature as their imaginations take them beyond the rules of the game and into an adventure where fantasy blurs with reality.

SHOWTIMES: Thursday, May 2 at 10:45PM and Friday, May 3 at 6:15PM
WHY YOU SHOULD SEE THIS MOVIE: It won the Audience Award at Fantastic Fest in Austin. That's a big one.

An hour long plus, of short films done by KCAI Students and curated by their instructors for Middle of the Map Fest.

SHOWTIMES: Sunday, May 5 at 1PM
WHY YOU SHOULD SEE THIS MOVIE: See them now, so when they're famous you can say, "I saw them when...".
LABYRINTH and an in-theater performance by Soft Reeds playing a set of David Bowie songs

George Lucas produced and Jim Henson directed this gothic fantasy which pits living and breathing actors Jennifer Connelly and David Bowie (who, along with Trevor Jones, provides the film's music) against a motley collection of Muppet monsters. The film centers upon teenage Sarah (Connelly), who lives in a fantasy world of myth and magic, evil spells, and wondrous enchantment. She is baby-sitting her little brother when she cavalierly wishes that goblins would take him away. She gets her wish, and a coterie of goblins abduct him. She then encounters Jareth (David Bowie), the ruler of a mystical world one step removed from reality. He tells Sarah that the only way to get her brother back is to find her way through a M.C. Escher-like labyrinth and find the castle at the center. As she makes her way through the maze, she faces a number of horrific challenges (like the Bog of Eternal Stench) before she finds her way to the gravity-defying castle, where her brother is being held by the evil goblins.

SHOWTIMES: Wednesday, May 1 at 8PM Soft Reeds is playing a cover set of David Bowie tunes. Film starts at 9PM.
WHY YOU SHOULD SEE THIS MOVIE: C'mon, it's David Bowie AND Soft Reeds, a bargain at twice the price.

The year is 1987. Motorcycle ninjas tighten their grip on Florida’s narcotics trade, viciously annihilating anyone who dares move in on their turf. Multi-national martial arts rock band Dragon Sound have had enough, and embark on a roundhouse wreck-wave of crime-crushing justice. When not chasing beach bunnies or performing their hit song “Against the Ninja,” Mark (Tae Kwon Do master/inspirational speaker Y.K. Kim) and the boys are kicking and chopping at the drug world’s smelliest underbelly. It’ll take

every ounce of their blood and courage, but Dragon Sound can’t stop until they’ve completely destroyed the dealers, the drunk bikers, the kill-crazy ninjas, the middle-aged thugs, the “stupid cocaine”...and the entire MIAMI CONNECTION!!! Directed by 9th degree black belt philosopher/author/inspirational speaker Grandmaster Y.K. Kim, the film tells the story of fearless synth rock band Dragon Sound as they embark on a roundhouse wreck-wave of crime-crushing justice in the streets of Orlando.

SHOWTIMES: Thursday, May 2 at 10:15PM and Saturday, May 4 at 10PM
WHY YOU SHOULD SEE THIS MOVIE:"Miami Connection may not be a good film in any conventional sense, but it's great in countless ways." - William Gross of MSN Movies

THE BEGINNING: Over the past few years, the computer game Minecraft has become a cultural phenomenon, drawing millions of players into the unique, low-res world created solely by Swedish programmer Markus "Notch" Persson. When Persson announced that he would invest his Minecraft earnings in founding his own development house, Mojang Specifications, 2 Player Productions seized upon the rare opportunity to fly to Sweden and document the first week in the life of the new studio.

During the editing process of what was only supposed to be a twenty-minute short, it became clear that an important chapter of gaming history was still being written, and that a feature-length documentary about Mojang's first year would make a powerful statement about what it means to create, release, and play games in the twenty-first century.

THE FILM: For the first time, viewers will be given an in-depth look at both the triumphs and the challenges faced by a studio during their first year in existence. We will analyze the unprecedented success of Minecraft, gain insight into its impact from journalists and industry professionals, and meet the fans whose lives have been changed by the game.

SHOWTIMES: Saturday, May 4 at 1:45PM and Sunday, May 5 at 5:15PM
WHY YOU SHOULD SEE THIS MOVIE: Because your inner geek wants you to see it and because gave it 4.5 of 5 stars.

Forced to repeat her senior year of high school, Claire’s (Maslany) reputation is sliding from bad-ass to bad joke. Armed with an acid tongue and shielded by ever-present headphones, Claire locks onto the only student clueless to her sordid rep: Henry (Van Wyck), a nerdy freshman she used to babysit. At night, Claire escapes to raucous concerts where she catches the eye of 33-year–old Jim (McCarthy, frontman of The ElastoCitizens), a would–be rock star who feeds on young fans’ adoration. Jim leads her into an intoxicating world of hard-partying musicians, while at school, Claire takes Henry under her wing. She reinvents her dorky friend as the mysterious rebel, throwing Henry’s life into hilarious turmoil. As Claire dances across the surface of these relationships, she eventually learns hard lessons about the difference between sex, intimacy, and friendship.

SHOWTIMES: Thursday, May 2 at 6:15PM and Saturday, May 4 at 4:15PM
WHY YOU SHOULD SEE THIS MOVIE: It won the Best New Feature Film at the Whistler Film Festival in Canada.

After an ill-timed and very public marriage proposal, fiercely independent Sarah (Caplan) breaks up with her overeager boyfriend Kevin (Arend). Sarah turns to her sister Beth (Brie) for support, but Beth is too busy obsessing over the details of her own wedding to Kevin's band mate, Andrew (Starr). When Sarah suddenly finds herself caught up in an intense rebound romance with the adorable Jonathan (Webber), she is forced to examine her own fears of commitment and vulnerability. With honesty, heart, and humor, all five struggle with the trials, happiness, and pain of modern love. In the end Sarah must decide - is it better to stay safely single or to risk it all on love? Filmmaker Michael Mohan (ONE TOO MANY MORNINGS) returns to the Sundance Film Festival with a bittersweet screenplay he wrote with famed graphic novelist Jeffrey Brown and co-writer Egan Reich. At turns funny, sad, and sweet, SAVE THE DATE is a sincere story about the familial and romantic bonds that form us all.

SHOWTIMES: Friday, May 3 at 8PM and Saturday, May 4 at 8:45PM
WHY YOU SHOULD SEE THIS MOVIE: It was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance.
SCOTT PILGRIM vs. THE WORLD with band in theater playing as SEX-BOB-OMB from the film

Based on Bryan Lee O'Malley's Oni Press comic book of the same name, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World follows the eponymous slacker rocker on his colorful quest to defeat his dream girl's seven evil ex-boyfriends. Twenty-two-year-old Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera) may not have a job, but rocking the bass for his band, Sex Bob-omb, is a tough job unto itself. When Scott locks eyes with Ramona Flowers (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), he knows she's the girl he wants to grow old with. But Ramona has some serious baggage; her supercharged exes rue the thought of her being with another man, and they'll crush any guy who gives her a second glance. Now, in order to win Ramona's heart, Scott will do battle with everyone from vegan-powered rock gods to sinister skateboarders, never losing sight of his gorgeous goal as he pummels his way to victory. Shaun of the Dead's Edgar Wright directs the film from a script he penned with Michael Bacall. Superhero veterans Chris Evans and Brandon Routh co-star in the action comedy as two of the seven ex-boyfriends.

SHOWTIMES: Sunday, May 5 at 7:30PM Sex-Ba-Bomb playing a set in the theater. Film starts at 8PM - THIS IS THE CLOSING PARTY, RAGE.
WHY YOU SHOULD SEE THIS MOVIE: It's the closing party, there's a band playing in the theater and the movie is awesome. See you there.

Bob Byington’s smart, subversive comedy skips through 35 years in the life of Max Youngman (Keith Poulson), his best (and only) friend Sal (Nick Offerman, “Parks and Recreation”), and the woman they both adore (Jess Weixler, Teeth). As they stumble in and out of hilariously misguided relationships — strung together with animated vignettes by Bob Sabiston (A Scanner Darkly) and an original score by Vampire Weekend’s Chris Baio — Max never ages, holding on to a mysterious briefcase that may or may not contain the secret to life.

SHOWTIMES: Thursday, May 2 at 8:30PM and Saturday, May 4 at 11:45AM
WHY YOU SHOULD SEE THIS MOVIE: Because Nick Offerman is great and, "Highly original and delightfully unorthodox." says the Hollywood Reporter

In The Deep Shade is a series of vignettes and interviews with the Irish band The Frames (featuring Glen Hansard also of Swell Season, the Oscar-winning film ONCE, and his new solo projects). It explores their status as musicians and artists who have been creating music together for over 20 years. Their relationships are observed as they interact onstage as musicians and off stage as a tight knit family. Their approach to playing music is discussed and inter-cut with live concert footage showing this legendary Irish band close up and personal. Beautifully filmed by photographer Conor Masterson using ultra fast prime lenses ideal for low light, the live performance and fly on the wall documentary footage captures every detail. The film is a poetic and visceral experience of a dynamic live band led by Glen Hansard.

SHOWTIMES: Friday, May 3 at 6PM and Saturday, May 4 at 6:30PM
WHY YOU SHOULD SEE THIS MOVIE: Glen Hansard is amazing. He's got an Oscar and he's played FIVE sold out shows the KC metro with The Frames, Swell Season and his solo project.

Trius joined the Hondonian Army at a young age and quickly rose to the rank of General. During his military career circucmstances conspired to see him stranded on Earth. Soon after landing, Trius heard music for the first time and immediately fell in love.

Soon after he started playing the banjo and decided that he liked it quite fine here on Earth.

Kevin spent his formative years working at his family's Space-Worm ranch on Hondo before he too crash-landed on Earth. After some initial hostility, Trius and Kevin got along famously and soon thereafter formed FUTURE FOLK.

SHOWTIMES: Friday, May 3 at 8:15PM and Saturday, May 4 at 3:30PM
WHY YOU SHOULD SEE THIS MOVIE: It's won TWO huge awards: Audience Award - Philadelphia Film Festival and the Jury Prize at Fantastic Fest in Austin.

Jennifer (Laura Prepon) is turning 30 and her best friend, Stan (Matt Bush), is throwing her a party. But she is in no mood to celebrate. She just left her job, as well as her cheating boyfriend, Paul (Bryan Greenberg). Her cynical little sister Penny (Dreama Walker) is threatening to overshadow the whole affair with the most inappropriate party announcement. And she is pretty sure she's too old to still be living with her creepy roommate.

What starts out as a well-intentioned day of celebration quickly spirals into a most ill-fated disaster, from an ex-boyfriend who can't "get enough" to the bands dueling in the backyard and from disloyal friends showing their true colors to a manic-depressive party photographer who may have forgotten to take his meds. In this hilarious ensemble comedy set entirely inside a kitchen, turning 30 has never looked this chaotic!

SHOWTIMES: Friday, May 3 at 10:30PM and Saturday, May 4 at 7:45PM
WHY YOU SHOULD SEE THIS MOVIE: It won Best Comedy at the Daytona Beach Film Festival and it won at the Tallgrass Film Festival.

Adapted from the powerful and irreverent first novel by Tlicho author Richard Van Camp, the movie, like the book, promises to give us one of the most original teenage characters in recent Canadian cinema.

Larry is a Tlicho Indian growing up in the small northern town of Fort Simmer. His tongue, hallucinations and fantasies are hotter than the centre of the sun. At sixteen, he loves heavy metal music, the North and Juliet Hope, the high school “hottie”. When Johnny Beck, a Métis from Hay River, moves to town, Larry is ready for almost anything. Skinny as spaghetti, nervy and self-deprecating, Larry is an appealing mixture of bravado and vulnerability. His past holds many terrors: an abusive father, and an accident that almost killed him. But through his friendship with Johnny, and his lust for Juliet, he’s ready now to face his memories — and his future. The Lesser Blessed is an eye-opening depiction of what it is to be a young Native man in today’s modern world.

SHOWTIMES: Thursday, May 2 at 10:30PM and Sunday, May 5 at Noon
WHY YOU SHOULD SEE THIS MOVIE: "An incredibly current, visually stunning, poetic, heart-aching and dramatic story. TLB is my favorite film of TIFF, amongst considerable competition" -

Follows the first year of business for Alex, Charlie, and Nigel as they try to make their theater, The Toronto Underground Cinema, a success in the dying world of repertory cinema. The film also places the cinema in context to the larger world of rep.

Featuring interviews with theaters such as Film Forum in NYC, The Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, and The New Beverly Cinema in L.A., and celebrities such as Kevin Smith, John Waters, Atom Egoyan, and George A. Romero, the world of repertory cinema will come alive as a vibrant and culturally significant medium that needs to be preserved.

SHOWTIMES: Saturday, May 4 at 1:45PM and Sunday, May 5 at 6PM
WHY YOU SHOULD SEE THIS MOVIE: Kevin Smith, George A. Romero, and John Waters are in it!

Martin Bonner has just moved to Nevada from the East Coast, leaving behind his two adult children and a life he spent more than two decades building. He's there working a new job as the volunteer coordinator for a non-profit organization that helps prisoners make the transition from incarceration to freedom. It's Martin's first job in two years and he's recently declared bankruptcy. At the same time, Travis Holloway, a prisoner in the program, is being released after serving twelve years. Sent back into the world with nothing, Travis also finds life in Reno difficult to adjust to, despite the help from his program sponsor, Steve Helms. The stories of Martin and Travis slowly converge, as the two men meet and find that they have much in common, not the least of which is an unspoken need for encouragement and support. Their unlikely friendship blossoms but is put to the test when Travis betrays Martin's trust in order to reunite with his estranged daughter.

SHOWTIMES: Thursday, May 2 at 8:15PM and Friday, May 3 at 4:45PM
WHY YOU SHOULD SEE THIS MOVIE: Are you familiar with Sundance? It won the Audience Award for Best of Next there.
An hour long plus, of short films done by UMKC Students and curated by their instructors for Middle of the Map Fest.

SHOWTIMES: Saturday, May 4 at 11:30AM
WHY YOU SHOULD SEE THIS MOVIE: See them now, so when they're famous you can say, "I saw them when...".
no trailer yet

Our subject is Dave Drusky, whom in the month of January will be turning over keys to his comfortable studio apartment in Portland, OR in exchange for the shelter of a 1982 Volkswagen Vanagon Westfalia camper van. While in resivancy, Dave will be tasked with various challenges – all of which must be completed in or around the van.

SHOWTIMES: Friday, May 3 at 10:30PM
WHY YOU SHOULD SEE THIS MOVIE: Do you know the KC band, Capybara? This is directed by Mark Harrison and it stars Dave Drusky.

Nominated for an Academy Award at the recent Oscars, Montreal-based filmmaker Kim Nguyen paints a poignant and harrowing portrait of Komona, a 14-year-old girl (wonderfully played by nonprofessional actress Rachel Mwanza) who has been kidnapped from her African village by rebels to become a child soldier. She escapes from the camp with an older albino soldier and experiences for the very first time the joys of a peaceful and loving life, but a fresh tragedy will force her to confront and fight the ghosts haunting her mind.

SHOWTIMES: Friday, May 3 at 8:15PM and Saturday, May 4 at 11:15AM
WHY YOU SHOULD SEE THIS MOVIE: OSCAR. Ok, it didn't win but it was nominated for Best Foreign Film at the 2013 Academy Awards.
WE ARE SUPERMAN - a Q&A with the director will follow the screening of the film

We Are Superman is the story of the American urban core in a time when racism has gone underground, prejudice is glossed over, and progress is built on the backs of the poor. The film is an emotional testament to a select few who are working tirelessly in the heart of America in Kansas City at the corner of 31 Street and Troost Avenue; working to transform a dividing line into a gathering place.

A Catholic nun is restoring imagination back into the minds of abandoned children. An Orthodox Priest is providing reconciliation to an age old division. An old-time engineer has abandoned his cushy career to reengage despondent and broken fathers back into the lives of their families and communities. A young, zealous pioneer is leading a movement against legal theft from the pockets of the poor. She is standing up against one of the largest lobbyists in the state of Missouri.

It is the story America has been waiting for. A community has stopped waiting on the next elected official, board of directors, or MIA policy maker to come and save them. Instead they are gathering the people, they are standing united together and saying
with one resounding voice: We Are Superman. This is their story.

SHOWTIMES: Saturday, May 4 at 1:15PM with Q&A after film
WHY YOU SHOULD SEE THIS MOVIE: It tells an important story about what's happening right here in KC and you'll get to meet the director.

Where the Trail Ends is a film following the worlds top freeride mountain bikers as they search for untraveled terrain around the globe, ultimately shaping the future of big mountain free riding. This unparalleled story documents man's challenge of mother nature and himself showcased through a cast of colorful characters. This is the most progressive and ambitious mountain biking ever attempted resulting in an entertainment adventure unlike anything experienced before. The soundtrack features music from Dusted, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Oberhofer, Wolf Parade, Ty Segall Band and more. This is presented by Red Bull.

SHOWTIMES: Saturday, May 4 at 11PM and Sunday, May 5 at 4:45PM
WHY YOU SHOULD SEE THIS MOVIE: These guys take a helicopter to the tops of mountains and ride down them on their bikes. Insane.

All patrons must be 18 years or older or be accompanied by a parent. For certain select shows the age polices may vary, but children must always be accompanied by a parent. If you have questions about our policies, don’t hesitate to contact us by emailing [email protected]

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