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The MCA Memorial Fundraiser BEASTIE BOYS RAP-ALONG

Celebrate the ill life of MCA and raise funds for the American Cancer Socierty with a memorial Beastie Boys Rap-Along! 

The MCA Memorial Fundraiser BEASTIE BOYS RAP-ALONG

As you know by now, the music world lost one of the cleverest musicians alive. Often known as simply MCA, Adam Yauch was one-third of the Beastie Boys, their leader in several crucial ways, and one of the coolest video directors under the sun. Mr. Yauch died of cancer Friday at the age of 47.

Fans of all shapes and sizes filled twitter with gasps of sadness, passages of lyrics, and concert memories, so we thought it was important to show Mr. Yauch some love here in the Alamo Drafthouse!  To that end we'll be spinning a stack of Beastie Boys videos this week in each and every city with an Alamo, and we'd like to invite you to join in, stand up, and rap your heart out with some of the Beastie Boys' greatest tracks. Admission to this event is only $5, ALL of which will go directly to the American Cancer Society. (If you cannot attend but you'd like to make a donation click HERE)

Major thanks to Tim League, the Drafthouse, and the Action Pack for leaping into my (pretty obvious) idea with both feet. And yes, you are encouraged to rap along, sing, and have a rowdy time ... but not get too nutty. This is a memorial after all, and it's about the music, not how loud you can scream "ppppaaarrrr-tay!!"  

Check your local listings and reserve your tickets HERE

(Scott Weinberg) 


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