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The Love Bites Sing-Along: Someday! Love Will Find You!

The Action Pack presents

LOVE BITES: The Power Ballad Sing-Along

Thursdays, Feb 3, 10, 14, & 17 at the Ritz

Advance tickets available here

"And I should've been gone, after all your words of steel." Steve Perry sure knew a lot about love and heartbreak.

February is one of those stupid romantic months that comes along and lets us know just how crappy we should feel if we're single. Well, The Action Pack will not stand for that! We have an entire video catalog dedicated to songs of heartbreak and unrequited love, so we're all going to band together and sing passionately until we feel better.

From hair bands to mustachioed men, (and even some choice ladies of the 80s) no one was free from this ailment of the heart and we're busting them all out for Love Bites: The Power Ballad Sing-Along. So go on and grab your tickets already because you can tell yourself and everyone else you feel better, but really you won't be over that good-for-nothing significant other until you've rocked him or her out of your system. Because it takes "more than words to show you feel!"

We will have prizes courtesy of Pink Kisses for audience volunteers with the best breakup stories shared before the show as well as complimentary Love Bites lighters for everyone to wave in the air as they wail out their favorite tunes.

Get your tickets HERE!


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