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The Lord of the Rings Trilogy Feast: An Epic of Its Own

Those who follow the happenings of the Austin Alamo Drafthouse have probably seen this feast come around a few times. We announce it a month in advance, tickets go on sale, and a few minutes later, the show is sold out. Sometimes we open a second feast, which sells equally as fast. People LOVE these movies!

We did two feast in the past couple of months. The first was in December, and the second, this past weekend. The feast, an epic eight courses, pulls from various parts of the film and folklore. Lamb from New Zealand, a scone-like twist on lembas bread, elevensies, strawberries and cream, and on and on. Two of the three films are the extended, director's cut version (the third is shown in its theatrical cut as the director's cut was never released in 35mm). All in all, fans are in the theater for a whopping twelve hours. Eating, and eating, and eating.

Io9 posted a recap of this adventure on their blog yesterday. Check it out here for a full recap (and all of the mouthwatering photos of each course like the one above -- special thanks to Cory Ryan for the gorgeous images) and to see the menu description. Also included: Chef Bullington's recipe for Coney Stew!

Our friends at Arts + Labor filmed and edited the video below of John Bullington giving a little insight into the feast, and showing you a brief glimpse into the tiny space that is the Alamo Ritz kitchen.

While the feast remains the same each time we do it, occasionally we'll throw a surprise in. In December, when the feast was at Alamo S. Lamar, the audience was treated to a surprise Q&A with Frodo Baggins himself. Little did they know, Elijah Wood had been hanging around the theater all day for Butt-Numb-A-Thon, and popped in in his delirious, sleep-deprived state. Cheers to Frank Bullington for getting better video footage than I (in my defense, I was also in a delirious, sleep-deprived state)!


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