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The Late Show Presents A Clockwork Orange!

See the Kubrick masterpiece in 35mm January 22nd-24th!!! 

The Late Show Presents A Clockwork Orange!

This week The Late Show dives deep into madness with A Clockwork Orange. Every time I see the film I find a new interest in it; the mind bending direction, the acting prowess of Malcolm McDowell, or its beautiful cinematography all hold a special place in my heart.

It’s one of those films that constantly has me seeking out more information and upgrading my home collection. To be able to see the film in 35mm and in its correct aspect ratio is the stuff dreams are made of. The only bad part about it is that we’ll have to wait until January 22nd for a little bit of the old ultraviolence! For now I leave you with an interview by Movieweb with Malcolm McDowell!


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