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The Japanese are like that….

It's probably not acceptable to make sweeping judgements about an entire race of people, but... in my humble opinion, the Japanese are batshit crazy. What else can explain the seemingly endless array of bizzare television oddities that keep coming our way. For the 5th year in a row, we have compiled a 90 minute onslaught of deranged video oddities that only the Japanese seem to be able to produce: A-list American celebrities pimping themselves out for cheap Japanese products, bawdy situation comedies, unexpected nudity, extreme pro-wrestling, bizarre anti-flatulence products, nonsensical English phrases, supreme goofiness, and lots and lots of foam rubber costumes! Because you asked for it, in volume five, there will also be heaping helpings of Japanese torture and humiliation game shows, particularly those targeting the socially vulnerable, the elderly, the handicapped, the poor, children, women, the ugly and the stupid. Hooray! This is an all new compilation, with no repeated content from volumes 1-4 (although the old volumes will be available for sale in the lobby), and as a special treat, for the very first time, select segments of this compilation will be subtitled!

Wednesday, December 6, 9:45
Alamo Downtown

As the leather-clad TV host "Hard Gay" (a man you will come to love if you attend on Wednesday) would say, "Yfuuuuuuu!"

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