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The heartwarming, true tale of HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN (which opens 5/6 at Ritz)!

The gutters of Austin will run with blood!

The heartwarming, true tale of HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN (which opens 5/6 at Ritz)!

Rutger Hauer is a HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN

Opens next week at The Ritz!

In 2007, a contest was held for aspiring filmmakers to create a fake exploitation movie trailer to accompany the film GRINDHOUSE. There was an overwhelming number of entries running the gamut from blaxploitation to kung fu to way, WAY too many zombies. From this audio/visual barrage arose an undisputable victor in the form of HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN, a 2-minute assault on thieves, rapists, pedophiles, crack-slingers and every other lowlife imaginable. Any person on the wrong side of the Hobo's moral compass found themselves in a few dozen pieces, and that was just for starters.

The trailer wasn't created by LA film school graduates or technologically advantaged rich kids, but rather by a group of friends from the frozen urban wasteland of Halifax, Nova Scotia (that's in Canada, dummies), led by young Jason Eisener. A lifelong exploitation/horror/action devotee, Eisener expertly managed to simultaneously evoke the sweat-fueled hysteria of '70s drive-in cinema and the neonized, anti-human action explosions of the conscience-free '80s. The trailer showed a genuine respect and understanding of what made these movies great, and it's safe to say that every single person who watched it desperately wished that HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN was an actual feature film.

Half a decade later, it is. In a fury of machine gun fire and splintered bone, Eisener, writer/producer Rob Cotterill and company are unleashing the full-length HOBO with genre ultra-legend Rutger Hauer in the starring role. The film is an avalanche of vigilante justice and meaty retribution, tempered with just enough humor to keep you from going feral and killing everyone in the streets. It premiered at Sundance and had those industry grown-ups backflipping in the aisles, and when it played at SXSW, there were almost no survivors.

It's rare enough that good people get to make a movie. But when great people make a great movie about terrible people getting their faces blown apart by a vagrant's 12-gauge, it's time to fucking celebrate.


PS: In fact, we love the HOBO and his pals so much we even had a video game made to accompany its release! More info on that HERE!


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