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The Harry Potter preshow needs YOU!

If you've been to the theater before, then you know that we pride ourselves on having the best preshow entertainment in the industry. We don't play commercials, we don't give you a recap of everything you missed to try to get you to come to the theater early for extra commercials, and every once in a while clips in the preshow might even be better than the movie you're there to see.

We love putting those video clips together for you, and we have a great time producing new videos from time to time, too. But recently we were thinking - what if there are great clips that we aren't finding? What if one of you has seen a hilarious outtake that we totally missed?

And so we thought it would be fun to open up the Idea Room to everyone, and see what sort of clips you might have in mind. What do you think?

If you can think of ANYTHING that could improve the preshow experience of Harry Potter, we want to hear from you! We've created the submission form below that will let us track ideas better than just a post in the comments, so please hit us up with a link to a YouTube clip, or an idea for a scene from an old wizarding movie we should grab, or literally anything else that comes to mind.

We can't guarantee that everything will make the preshow, but depending on how this goes you can expect that we'll be looking for more input with other movies in the future.

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