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The Hallucinogenic ENTER THE VOID Returns (With Absinthe) for 4/20

The triumphant return of masterpiece ENTER THE VOID for one very "special" 4/20 screening.  With Absinthe!

The Hallucinogenic ENTER THE VOID Returns (With Absinthe) for 4/20

Those invested in the cultivation of firework brain cells no doubt remember our triumphant run of ENTER THE VOID this past January. This 3-hour strobe light masterpiece had a great part of the city enchanted and mesmerized by its Tokyo-night club vibe, with the expressive colors, brashly-crafted sound design and avant-garde aesthetic dancing in our heads like green fairies or pink elephants. We initially planned to only show the film twice, but overwhelming popular demand had us keep the film for three weeks until the distributor demanded we send the print back.

We’ve been looking for a chance to show the film again because, quite frankly, it’s awesome. And then something hit us – there’s a holiday coming up, isn’t there? 4/20 is the perfect time to revisit this cinematic equivalent to a mescaline milkshake.

So we’re bringing back the uncut festival version of ENTER THE VOID in a brand new 35mm print for one night only! We’re also offering a couple of boozy specials to make the night even more magical. We’ve got a special case of Home Grown Family Harvest Red, a fruit-forward yet semi-dry Syrah/Barbera/Petite Syrah blend that pairs excellently with brownies, red meats, and herb. This is the perfect wine to sip while basking in this trippy movie.

If you want something a little stronger and more dangerous, we’ve got you covered too. Try a cloudy glass of absinthe (or two, or three) and you’ll be floating through Tokyo in a haze.

Even if you’ve seen the film before, we ask you this: Have you ever seen ENTER THE VOID…enhanced? It’s like a whole different movie, man. And you’ve got to see it.

One Night Only! ENTER THE VOID at the Ritz – 4/20 at 10pm. You do not want to miss this.


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