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The Denver Film Society Benefit: UPSTREAM COLOR

Proceeds From Ticket Sales will be Donated to The Denver Film Society

The Denver Film Society Benefit: UPSTREAM COLOR

Cinephiles have been anxiously awaiting the next film from Shane Carruth, the director, writer, and star of the thought provoking time-travel drama PRIMER.  After an extended sabbatical, Carruth has returned with UPSTREAM COLOR, a film that promises to be as haunting and enigmatic as his debut.

UPSTREAM COLOR is the eerie, surreal journey of Kris (Amy Seimetz) who is abducted by a strange thief, who drugs his victims using worms.  Kris is brainwashed, hands over her bank account, and is sent back out into the world.  It isn’t long before she encounters another strange figure, who cuts the invading worm out of her, and implants it into a pig.  Poor, unemployed, and suffering from fractured memories, Kris is desperately clinging to sanity when she meets Jeff (Carruth) who has also undergone the same violent experiment. Linked by thoughts, memories, and inexplicable visions of a pig, Kris and Jeff find safety and love within each other as they seek to discover what really happened to them, and attempt to reclaim their lives.

The Onion A.V. Club described UPSTREAM COLOR as “not a movie to be solved but pondered, reconstructed and torn apart and built up again …. Utterly perplexing, and heart-stoppingly beautiful, quite literally overwhelming.”

For the release of UPSTREAM COLOR, Alamo Drafthouse Denver is teaming up with the Denver Film Society, who have been steady supporters of Colorado’s film culture since 1978.  To show our appreciation for their ongoing work, we are donating one of our auditoriums for this screening.  All ticket proceeds will go directly to benefit the Society and their non-profit programs such as The Young Filmakers Workshop.  Film director, Shane Carruth will be making an appearance via skype after the show. We’re excited that UPSTREAM COLOR will kick off a week of signature Alamo Drafthouse programming.
UPSTREAM COLOR screens on April 4th at 7:00pm.  Tickets are General Admission, and must be purchased HERE through the Denver Film Center’s website.


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