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All aboard! It’s THE DARJEELING LIMITED Avery Beer Dinner

The Kinks! Train travel! Indian food! CRAFT BEER!  A chance to win tickets to the Great American Beer Fest!  

All aboard! It’s THE DARJEELING LIMITED Avery Beer Dinner

Join us as we celebrate brotherhood, the Kinks, train travel, the pain of life, Indian food and, of course, CRAFT BEER with this special presentation of THE DARJEELING LIMITED.  Filmmaker Wes Anderson has a knack for poignantly exploring the quirkiness of his characters while simultaneously revealing glimpses into the human condition --  ALSO, his soundtracks are always pretty groovy. DARJEELING is no exception.  Adrien Brody, Jason Schwartzman and Owen Wilson star as three guys who have unique enough schnozzes to play believable brothers on a spiritual journey across India to cope with the emotional baggage left behind by their recently deceased father.  They also happen to be traveling with his actual luggage as a not-so-subtle metaphor.  Oh,Wes Anderson. 

We’ve worked closely with our friends at Avery Brewing Company from Boulder, CO, to pair their superb beers with a gourmet Indian-inspired menu to complement the film perfectly.  Since 1993, Avery has strived to produce eccentric ales and lagers that defy styles or categories, and by golly, they sure meet their goals!  The witty jokes and the breathtaking scenery of the film are going to impeccably match the Avery portfolio of distinctive brews and the mouthwatering gourmet menu.  As If that wasn't enough, each ticket purchased comes with a chance to have your name entered into a drawing to win two tickets to the GREAT AMERICAN BEER FEST in Denver October 11-13th, AND a private tour of the Avery Brewery! No joke.  You'll have to get your own travel accommodations, but once there you'll be in hog heaven*!  

We're taking this show on the road with special beer dinners in Austin, San Antonio and Houston and couldn't be more excited see an Alamo custome from one of these screenings (and their guest!) head off to GABF as a reslt of their coming to this great show!  

Behold! The MENU:

Madras acorn squash with squash seed crusted red drum and Darjeeling crème fraiche
Paired with Avery's India Pale Ale

Fresh saag paneer, baby spinach icicle radish, fennel raita
Paired with Avery's White Rascal

Masala lamb kebab, saffron basmati and baby turnips in ghee
Paired with Avery's Ellie’s Brown Ale

Coconut ice cream, cardamom brittle and jaleebi
Paired with Samael's Oak Aged Ale

For tickets to the event in Austin on 3/20, click HERE

For tickets to the event in San Antonio on 3/21, click HERE

For tickets to the event in Houston on 3/22, click HERE

*Rules and Regulations apply – Please refer to the film's showpage. 


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