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THE BLOODY FISTS - More Free Fu at the Alamo Village This Friday!

bloody-fists-web1Our monthly free Kung Fu series continues this Friday night at the Alamo Village with THE BLOODY FISTS, one of the first films with fight scenes choreographed by the now-legendary Yeun Woo-Ping, who gave us the fight scenes in the MATRIX series, CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON and KILL BILL, in addition to directing Jackie Chan in the original DRUNKEN MASTER and SNAKE IN THE EAGLE'S SHADOW (which screens at Weird Wednesday in August).  We think of  Yuen Woo-Ping as the dean of the new school kung fu, but he spend his whole youth apprenticing in the old school. Think of BLOODY FISTS as his Masters Thesis. Of course, not all old school kung fu movies were created equal, the thing that really separates the good from the bad is the quality of the fights. God knows the plotlines are interchangeable, though this one has a novel twist, but in the best of the old school the fights encapsulate the thematic conflicts in miniature, and each fight contains the ass-kicking DNA of the whole organism. Such is the case here. The plot concerns a special magic herb that grows only in one small village that a band of Japanese marauders is attempting to monopolize. For 50 minutes the invading dickheads roll over the villagers like a steamroller, then a champion, played by Chen Sing, emerges from the village and fights back with all the accrued wrath of the Chinese people.

Guess who wins?

As usual, this show is completely, 100% free, and presented in glorious 35mm, complete with scratches!  We'll have another DVD giveaway courtesy of Image Entertainment and will announce the Kung Fu Theater titles for July and August.  Don't miss it!

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