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The Badass Bottle: Rogue John John Dead Guy

John JohnThose two gentlemen to the left are Rogue Brewmaster John Maier (with the face furniture) and Rogue Spirits Master Distiller John Couchot. Between them they've created a new series of Rogue beers - the John John Ales.

Rogue also makes a range of spirits including Dead Guy Whiskey, which is made from the same wort as Dead Guy Ale. It's taken to the distillery where magic things happen to turn it into whiskey which is then put into oak barrels for 30 days. When those are emptied and the whiskey is bottled for further ageing, they're refilled with Dead Guy Ale and this is left to mature for 2-3 months.

As with any beer aged in wood, the oak and the whiskey both impart their own flavours, but in this instance neither are overpowering or detract from the sweet, bready maltiness of Dead Guy. Although it's a bock, and therefore a lager, and therefore should be drunk at a relatively cool temperature, it's worth letting this one warm up a bit in the glass to get the full effect of the barrel ageing. This one won't knock you off your feet either with its moderate 6.5%ABV.

Jim Hughes, Head Beer Nerd, Alamo South Lamar “If I had all the money I’ve spent on drink… I’d spend it on drink.” ~ Sir Henry Rawlinson

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