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The BACK TO THE FUTURE Marathon is Happening This Sunday!

See all three films back-to-back-to-back on the big screen!

The BACK TO THE FUTURE Marathon is Happening This Sunday!

This Sunday you have the chance to enjoy one of cinema's greatest pleasures with the Alamo's presentation of the BACK TO THE FUTURE Marathon! Do not miss out of the very best trilogies of all-time on the big screen!

Slam some trash into your DeLorean's fluxcapacitor and set the dials for 1985, when we traveled back in time for the very first...time. The BACK TO THE FUTURE films filled every brain in the world with new possibilities, made tiny Michael J. Fox a major box office star and contributed to more unlikely crazes than we can count.

In true reverence of the '80s most whiplashing teen scifi series, we're LIVING THE ADVENTURE by immersing ourselves in Doc Brown's maddest science and Marty’s craziest adventures. After touring through the '50s we'll travel to the far-off year of 2015, where hoverboards are king. Finally, we'll visit lawless 1885, where cattle were devoured by hungry bandits and a damn train could break the time barrier.

So crank up the Huey Lewis, put the pedal to the metal and break all laws of physics!!!

There are only a handful of tickets left at Slaughter Lane, but don't worry we've still got some room left up at Lake Creek. So think fast and get your tickets NOW! If you don't Doc Brown and his DeLorean won't give you a second chance!


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