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The Alamo Slaughter Lane is Under Attack!

... by some super cool plants!

The Alamo Slaughter Lane is Under Attack!

A couple weeks ago, when we announced the grand opening date for Slaughter Lane (and the amazing 400 Rabbits menu), we posted a picture of the sign in the lobby:

At first look, that bad boy looks broken. And it is! But ON PURPOSE! See, we wanted to get a little more creative with our theater design. Those of you that frequent the Alamo S. Lamar know that that theater is "under attack" by aliens. The wall mural and the hovering spacecrafts around the bar tell you so. We wanted to do something similar to that with Slaughter Lane, so we got to brainstorming. We started thinking about it's location, it's surroundings, and then we narrowed that down to the amazing Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center right across the way from us. We then got in contact with the dudes over at Blue Genie and had them make us some monsters. Check out the progress shots below!

Alamo co-owner Dave Kennedy gives us a size comparison... and a crazy face. 




We are incredibly happy with the final product, and these suckers were installed above the lobby bar last week! So now, the "broken-ness" of the sign makes a little more sense. The plants did it!



As you can see, the lobby bar is still under construction (as well as the whole theater) but man oh man is it looking good in there! We already announced our grand opening date (March 22nd) but the theater will be OPEN TO THE PUBLIC starting March 8th! We'll have some first and second-run titles playing, but we won't have any specialty programming until that grand opening date. The countdown on the main site is counting down 'til that soft open date, and when it hits zero, we would love it if you would come by and see our new theater. 



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