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Prepare for an epic barrage of Pure Summer Fun when ALAMO GOES TO CAMP!


The Alamo Goes to Camp

August 27th

For some insane reason, we live in Texas, where we superhumanly disregard the agonizing temperatures of a six month summer. This August 27th, we reward your fortitude with an undeniable epic barrage of Pure Summer Fun when ALAMO GOES TO CAMP! Whether you're a tug-o-war champion, a movie maniac or a hot dog-devouring machine, we're  detonating the single craziest campdown in history!

On August 27th, we'll be belly-flopping in the lake, roasting marshmallows, throwing pies and chugging carbonated liquid. Once the sun hits the horizon, we'll fall over backwards to witness THREE cinematic summer camp masterpieces in 35mm, beginning with 1981's slasher disaster THE BURNING! See malformed janitor Cropsey exact vicious vengeance on innocent campgoers, including George from SEINFELD! Next up is MEATBALLS 2! A lot like the first MEATBALLS but add a telekinetic alien, Pee-Wee Herman, a boxing match and a pink tutu. And to close our illegally outrageous day of sunbaked debaucherous wildness, we'll be presenting an incredibly rare 35mm screening of the most twisted camp classick in the books: the original SLEEPAWAY CAMP! The single greatest horror movie of all time (no shit), the shock ending of this mind-strangling wrecking ball of adolescent stab-lust will send you screaming to the grave! All this plus beer battles and BLASTACULARITY!!! Be there or beheaded!

Look for an "on sale" announcement sometime next week! We're not 100% sure on pricing yet, but tickets will be available here. As usual Chef John Bullington will be making up a camp themed menu good enought to write home about!


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