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The Alamo Drafthouse takes on Facebook Deals!

If you've visited any theater this week, you may have seen this sign posted on our front doors. And it's true! As of Monday, if you check in to any Alamo Drafthouse location via Facebook, you will receive a FREE special edition pint glass!

Facebook Deals is currently in beta testing, and they asked us to be among the first companies to test it out! Maybe it's because we loved The Social Network, or maybe because we use the hell out of our Facebook accounts, but either way, we're stoked!

Our Deal is still in the final stage of it process, but here's an easy-peasy guide to adding to your pint glass collection:

Step 1 - Visit any Alamo Drafthouse! This isn't a "homebase only," deal, this baby is national!

Step 2 - You will need an iPhone (or an iPod Touch -- we're unsure whether this works on other smartphones!) for this social experiment, and on that iPhone, the Facebook app. Pull up Facebook Places, and find the Alamo Drafthouse location you're at. Make sure it has the little yellow Deals icon next to it, otherwise it may be a location that someone else set up.

Step 3 - When you pull up the Alamo, a coupon should appear on your screen for your Free Facebook Places/Alamo Drafthouse Pint Glass! Check in to that location and show your phone to your server in the theater. They'll drop off a pint glass for you. That's it! You win!

Also, this probably goes without saying, but please only claim these deals during preshow or before the film starts. We still stand firm when it comes to cell phone use during the movie!

So come out, see a movie, and get a free pint glass just for checking in. Not a bad sitch, yeah? Huge thanks to Facebook for letting us try out their new system, and let us know what you think!

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EDIT: For Austin, Houston (Mason Park) and Winchester, the Deal page should be active as of 10pm CST Weds, Nov 10th! If the deal doesn't pop up on your phone, check in to the location and show your phone to your server and you can still receive a pint glass. Limit one per person while supplies last.

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