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The agony and ecstacy of Phil Spector

If you were to make a pros-&-cons list on the qualities of Phil Spector, it might read something like this:


-Famous producer known for his "Wall of Sound" recording technique

-Responsible for a wide-range of iconic recordings; everything from "Unchained Melody" to "Rock and Roll High School"

-The Beatles' "Let it Be" album (according to some)


-The Beatles' "Let it Be" album (according to some)

-Shot B-movie actress Lana Clarkson in the face...

This may be a gross over-simplification of a complicated and brilliant man.  But, in all fairness, these are the main bullet points the average person conjures when they think of the now infamous Phil Spector.  Currently serving a 19 year-to-life term for second degree murder, Phil Spector has become more well known for his alcoholism, mental instability, and penchant for guns then his career as a producer.  They say there is a fine line between genius and insanity, and no one embodies this more than Phil Spector (and to a lesser extent, Phil Spector's hair).

As part of Music Monday, THE AGONY AND ECSTACY OF PHIL SPECTOR delves into the life of the famed producer through an interview shot during his first murder trial in 2007.  Director Vikram Jayanti's approach in interviewing Spector was to  just "let Phil be Phil.".  Jayanti foregoes interviews with other people in favor of focusing on Phil and only Phil.  What follows is an unguarded look into the mind of a disturbed man, juxtaposed with the music that made him famous.  Whether he's a murderer, megalomaniac, genius, or just bat-shit crazy, everything out of Phil Spector's mouth is fascinating and THE AGONY AND ECSTACY never disappoints.

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