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The Action Pack’s WILLY WONKA Quote-Along is full of chocolatey goodness

The Action Pack presents the WILLY WONKA AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY Quote-Along Thursdays Aug 26, Sep 2 & 9 at the Ritz Wednesday Sep 1 at Lake Creek Advance tickets for Ritz available here Advance tickets for Lake Creek available here

Come with me, and you will be in a worrrld of pure imagination... Gene Wilder is Willy Wonka. PERIOD. No amount of remaking, re-imagining, or rebooting will ever change the playfully haunting performance of one of the world's greatest actors.

That being said, this movie never stops being amazing. When you were a kid it was all about how awesome it would be if you could eat a gummy bear the size of your face or drink from a river made of chocolate. Then you got older and you were nostalgic about that stuff while also seeing all the cracks of creepy shining through in this fantastically fun movie musical.

Well, The Action Pack is pulling out all the stops with little surprises around every corner...but nothing too dangerous. Bubbles for everyone, bubbles, bubbles everywhere as well as specialty menu items, singing, quoting, and so much more. We'd hate to ruin it all for you, so sign the contract at the bottom line and you'll be in a world of pure imagination...if you truly, be. (Greg MacLennan)


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