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The Action Pack’s ONCE Sing-Along - because there’s still Tii-iii-iii-mm-eee!

The Action Pack presents the ONCE Sing-Along Thursdays, Aug 12 & 19 at the Alamo Ritz Advance tix for both shows available right here

Ten years ago, I fell in love with an Irish girl. She took my heart, but she went and screwed some guy she knew and now I'm in Dublin with a broken heart...

ONCE is one of those little films that sneaks up on you quite unassumingly, gets deep down in you, and then almost breaks you down to tears. (You don't have to admit it, cry-baby; we already know.)

You can take this movie for what it is, or you can be like me and pretend it's the real-life story of Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova's relationship. However you take it, one thing remains: ONCE could have the single greatest soundtrack of a musical ever. And I can't seem to stop myself from clinching my fist next to my heart and tightly closed eyes every time I belt out "Falling Slowly."

And so with that, we give you the ONCE Sing-Along. Guy is a busker; girl is an immigrant. They catch each-others' eye and begin an awkward and undefined romance that propels them to making an album together that is, without a doubt, "effing brilliant."

So let the Action Pack take your sinking boat of a life and point it home (the Drafthouse) for a rejuvenating night of music, singing and Irish revelry (with whiskeys and Guinness, of course!) 'cause we've still got tiiiiiiime. (Greg MacLennan)


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